LED lighting market chaos will continue for a period of time

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

at present some of the LED lighting market chaos, the chaos a period of time may also exist, why do you say that? We might as well from the following analysis:

a, demand has not yet been transformation, enterprise file into the

1) Transformation will take time for insufficient understanding and demand

2) Enterprise, the way of doing so far less gains

2, product line has not yet mature, the enterprises are in

1) Technology is mature, but the product line is not enough system

2) Industry standard, various enterprises blindly enter

3, the lack of industry sales experience, blindly into the domestic market

1) 'Brand - - - - Future although light, the way some confused

2) Professional enterprises - - - - The future new industry, on the way hesitate

3) Old large - - - - Senior big-name, timely to

4) The ancient town of type - - - - Tinkering around the edges, improve the occasion

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