LED lighting market choice must be respected

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

recently, LED lighting products meeting held in jiangmen, requires completion by the end of 2014 in the city public lighting using LED lighting products in the field of work. News, has caused great concern in the industry, some hope to share, another voice said policy is good, but small and medium-sized enterprises may, and as competition intensifies, more and more the lack of core technology of small businesses, or will be eliminated.

energy-efficient LED lights will dominate the future of green lighting market, jiangmen municipal public sector use and transformation of LED lighting products, will form the radiation effect, promote into the ordinary people. The industry hopes to get a slice is instinct, bidding is open and transparent basis, but for the public, in addition to books information, also need LED lights & other; See again with & throughout; To realize & other; Energy saving money & throughout; Win-win goal.

fair to say that, since the competition of LED lighting industry reshuffle is the trend of The Times, not out to master the core technology of small and medium-sized enterprises, is nothing but respect for the result of market mechanism. If the low carbon life is a kind of quality, then the LED lamp must accept to inspection of the market, the government departments to give support to the industry at the same time, to let go, to weed out the market operation, such as reversed transmission industry bigger and stronger.

as long as the energy-saving lamps mature technology, good quality, especially the price from the return to the grassroots of the aristocracy, needn't enforce, people will make & other; The disadvantages & throughout; Rational choice. Otherwise, the LED lighting promotion only name & other Male & throughout; No last name & other; Private & throughout; The government's too & other; Take care & throughout; , the enterprise may be used instead & other; Pity food & throughout; , but not eliminate hidden even greater risk.

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