LED lighting market price channel many challenges

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

at present, almost every industry is trying to cut energy costs, the demand to promote LED technology as development and one of the fastest growth areas in recent years, and especially the trend in the asia-pacific region. A surge in demand for the forefront of LED technology in the asia-pacific region, especially the solar energy market. According to the Frost& Sullivan, according to a recent report from the LED lighting has been LED lighting market, and will gradually replace the old energy intensive products.

LED lighting has very important advantages

compared with traditional products, LED lighting has many important advantages, its lower running cost, long service life, and low maintenance costs also more. At present, the main factors driving the LED market is efficiency and a series of LED lighting technology. If the LED lighting is a lack of proper power and control technology support, it will not be able to meet its energy saving and environmental protection features.

along with the rapid development of LED lighting technology, some of the ongoing project will last for three years, the possibility that in the current and future potential produced a delicate dynamic relationship between. There are, of course, another side: the progress of the technology would lead to cost and BOM also fast development, and what this means is that a has been getting good ideas of lighting design engineers may find that he can get better results than the initial conception, this may be to reduce the project cost, save energy, or save the installation time. So, although some companies is the leader in the field, is not entirely adopted by the potential of technology under the situation of the project design.

in the Chinese market, the industry is struggling to cope with the price, brand, retail channel and related regulations and challenge. Manufacturers have turned to COB design and the improvement of the quality, so as to overcome the challenge and prove its value. We also see a trend, that is, local manufacturers are withdrawn from the market. In addition, in China, manufacturers faced with rare earth export quotas, and because a lot of for the LED phosphors contained some rare earth elements, therefore, can use these materials are Chinese suppliers concern at present.

there is a LED lighting is really made great progress in the field of, that is solar energy and off-grid applications, LED lighting can provide more ability, for those who don't fit the traditional technology or battery field. One of the typical off-grid applications is LED lanterns, it's popular in the places such as India, because for much of the country's land, convenient to use the power is still a luxury. In addition, the solar energy LED application is also a kind of very interesting applications, such as solar street light, compared with the solid-state lighting, it involves technology is more extensive. There are some key design issues must be solved, such as solar panels of the maximum power problems, how to the battery to save energy, and how to drive the most LED in the outdoor environment.

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