LED lighting new international market gradually

by:Sehon     2020-10-20

since 2008, due to the European and American market is influenced by the financial crisis reduced demand, the importance of global emerging markets are increasingly caught the attention of manufacturers: South America and South Africa market developed rapidly in recent years, the Middle East market is huge demand for low price products, in addition, Russia and eastern Europe is also a big potential market, many enterprises have showed interest in Russia and eastern Europe.

in the Middle East, for example, the united Arab emirates and other gulf countries in the period of economic prosperity, retail, trade and the development of the real estate industry, and so did the demand of lighting equipment, dubai and other parts of the united Arab emirates (uae) population growth also lead to the development of the lighting industry.

Russia, the kremlin theater lighting project is the shenzhen honest compete in the global market of one of the representative projects. Because the swan lake renowned ballet theatre, by the Russian prime minister vladimir putin personally inscription, is one of the world's most elegant theatre. Party a within the theatre on sight design requirement is very strict, through layers of rigorous testing and screening, honest eventually emerge from numerous international brands.

look at the Indian market, at present, India 80% lighting products imported from China, India, on the market, the LED outdoor use of space is huge, but the government is considering the traditional lighting system into environmental protection and energy saving LED lighting system, India LED lighting market annual growth rate is expected to reach 41. 5% and will be continued until 2015. South America, so bright and beautiful that has gradually increased from the year before the South American LED lighting, LED by Brazil, market exploitation of the expansion, the center city of Sao Paulo in Brazil is Hong Kong's first LED tunnel light engineering corp. , bright and beautiful silver rain AyrtonSenna tunnel is the first South American lighting do use LED lamps and lanterns of highway tunnel, LED lighting applications in the tunnels and highway project.

the South African market, there are Chinese companies active figure, vice President of leishi lighting qing-yu zhang said, at present, the South Africa has become one of the best overseas market sales leishi. South Africa, leishi dealers increasingly mature business model, at present there are mainly wholesale channels, professional channels, modern supermarkets, etc.

in a series of data and examples, you can see that in addition to Europe, America and Japan earlier LED lighting lamp needs a huge country, LED lighting, emerging markets also gradually show, in the now focus with Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed areas of enterprise, to develop new international market is undoubtedly a way out of present international market downturn.

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