LED lighting popularize rush?

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

a hat-trick of the LED lighting of the development of our country in 2012, as the country's semiconductor lighting technology development & other; Five-year & throughout; The release of the special planning, the popularity of LED and become the trend of the development of the lighting, many provinces and cities of a number of development plan is a string.

several development planning follow

May 23, the people's government of guangdong province issued 'the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products in guangdong province, to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, the LED lighting and related industry development a comprehensive deployment. According to the plan, guangdong will spread over three years, LED public lighting, to & other; Five-year & throughout; The final, guangdong will achieve the LED industry reached 500 billion yuan.

on June 4, 'zen city guangdong province thousands million light LED indoor lighting demonstration area construction project engineering measures for the implementation of subsidies for formal introduction, on December 31, 2013, zen city will come up with the highest 15 million yuan subsidies LED indoor lighting.

June 18, zhongshan city, the government has introduced the popularization and application of zhongshan city plan of LED lighting products, plans to use two years time, i. e. by the end of 2013, realizing a complete coverage of the LED public lighting area. According to the implementation plan, before the end of 2013, zhongshan will be in the field of public lighting, are all made of LED lighting products. For the use of LED lighting, the city government partial completed renovation plan by the end of 2013. In a move that will pull the rapid development of LED industry, is expected to & other; Five-year & throughout; At the end of the will achieve an annual output value of 80 billion yuan of above.

on June 20th, popularization and application of LED lighting products work meeting, dongguan city, the meeting officially issued the popularization and application of LED lighting products in dongguan work plan, vice mayor Zhang Ke on behalf of the municipal government signed the application of LED lighting products in dongguan work responsibility. Dongguan city will take the lead in the field of public lighting, complete the popularization and application of LED lighting products. The original use of LED lighting products, completed by the end of 2013.

on June 21, shunde, popularization and application of LED lighting products work conference, announced the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products, shunde district, Discussion) 。 According to the plan, will use a year and a half, shunde popularization of LED lighting in the field of public lighting.

on July 19th, popularize the use of LED products in foshan work communication meeting, five area and the relevant person in charge of foshan city is thrown in resolving problem. Foshan plans subsidies of 30 million yuan, to the end of next year, the city will be completed in total more than 90000 application lamps of high power LED street light, road built with more than 1000 kilometers of the LED street light applications. Report according to the provincial department of foshan city, the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products, by the end of 2013, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and gradually the use of LED lighting products, the main public places completed more than 660000 lamps, lighting application area of 6. 21 million square meters of indoor LED lighting project. Through the implementation of popularization and application engineering, the future will be the region compared to the same caliber lighting to achieve energy saving more than 50%.

rapid development there is a hidden danger

so many development program in a short period of time, certainly will bring rapid development, but at the same time of rapid development, there are still some problems worth our consideration.

small and medium-sized enterprise is difficult to obtain benefits. The promotion plan basically all took the form of procurement, taxes due to the manufacturer, the product of the production capacity, the greater the propaganda ability stronger also, the government procurement is more inclined to large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises has more difficult from the mass promotion opportunities.

LED blindly development sustainability is not strong. From the above several promotion plan as you can see, these solutions are mostly in the widespread promotion until even 2 years 3 years LED lighting. We know, LED is a big advantage over conventional lighting a long service life, in different environments is more durable, therefore popularization LED in a short time can lead to rapid development of LED in a short time, but the spread of market is saturated makes the market is saturated, the need to develop the market.

more provinces in tatters. Recent promotion plan, plan in three years to complete, so there will be a part of manufacturers seek growth, blindly in order to complete the task and to product production and development. But for rapid expansion of scale, it is easy to participate in the enterprise cost oriented manufacturing factory pattern, the lack of the strict quality requirements, and the research and development experience of technical ability, then China leds are still hard to get the initiative in the competition in the future. And LED is in current need to recognize the important period of the masses of users, the quality is not high, the LED lamps and lanterns will give consumers a poor impression, although because of the cost advantage will be temporary sales growth, but the damage is the trust of the consumers for the product, brand or even industry, thus lost the critical time, in the long run is unfavorable to the LED the development of popularization.

existing lamps and lanterns of the waste and damage to the environment. So much of the replacement of traditional lighting, LED lamps and lanterns means that there will be a lot of lamps and lanterns can still work properly & other; Laid-off & throughout; The lamps and lanterns is how to deal with will also be the place where we need to pay attention to. In addition, in the process of replacement will be the number of lamps and lanterns is damaged, it will inevitably impact on the environment, especially the fluorescent lamp, mercury and lead will bring great harm to the environment. How to deal with this problem, but also LED a difficult problem in the process of upgrading.

development process need to pay attention to some problems

through the above consideration, the author thinks that there are many ways to avoid or solve problems you may encounter in the development of.

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