LED lighting prices fall further, but some areas still cannot replace

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

nowadays, shop sales LED lights can be seen everywhere, the price from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan. LED sales personnel, LED lights are mostly family to decorate when integral purchase. In many large electrical appliances, the city has a special LED lighting sales zone, its sales of LED lights both in mainland China brand and import brand. Have sprung up in some online shop, the more the cheaper, sales of LED lights.

photoelectric science and technology in the field of blue ocean LED product promotion conference, the LED in lighting equipment covering rate of less than 10%, while Japan and other developed countries use of LED lights, at 90%. More expensive price and don't understand is the main reason for the differences in the above information. Sales staff, increase production in the future the LED ball bubble, T8 tubes is expected to greatly to narrow the price gap with the traditional light bulb, make it easier for consumers to accept.

with the centralization of the China LED industry, the market will emerge more standardized products, so as to reduce the cost of LED filament bulb. At the same time, the LED lighting products in many areas are can replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, but in some strict in chromatography field of application of the LED lamps and lanterns is not reach this height. Read on energy saving transformer, LED lighting and other energy-saving equipment for broad market, LED lighting and new energy field intelligent household lighting system bring infinite convenience and surprise intelligent household lighting system bring infinite convenience and surprise.

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