LED lighting product specialization is the ultimate way out

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

at present, China's main market is in the foreign trade export LED manufacturing enterprises and domestic engineering projects; Foreign trade mainly is given priority to with traders from the mainland, there are a few manufacturer can direct foreign; We also can be divided into two categories according to the current situation of the foreign market, the primary market and secondary market, the primary market such as the United States, Japan, the European Union, they require relatively high a lot of products, such as to various complicated patent product authentication, of source, THD, water lines, such as natural to isolate type of power supply, the price is relatively high; Secondary market, such as Russia, India and South America and other countries and their national conditions and China, they came to China, all the way to the is price, lower to other aspects of the requirement, product requirements high natural also won't go. Engineering projects in the country or market terminal customer requirement is more simple, in the case of the same price, meet the requirements for the mainland plus some personal care, for some of the basic requirements of the engineering project. Mainland China need renovation project for indoor this, is nothing more than some factories, supermarkets, underground parking, schools, hospitals, hotels, advertising light boxes and other places.

the company's products should not be for positioning & other Have I have & throughout; The train of thought, and put into production the best don't more than 10. Because the products have no direction just like a headless fly, flying everywhere disorderly strings; A good product can lead the market trend and direction; A very high cost performance products can promote, expand the market; So we have to make a high cost performance LED lamps and lanterns to guide the market, driving, expansion is now in the dilemma and unhealthy LED lamps and lanterns; Cost-effective, good product needs to be done from the perspective of professional design, manufacture, would not let the market to command you today customers want outdoor is involved in the outdoor, indoor tomorrow to assemble indoor, the person of a company and energy is limited, in the end just fully guided by the market, their products have no personality, characteristics, no one is his specialty, specialty products; So we hope to do a product must do fine, make customers feel.

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