LED lighting products quality inspection problems frequently

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

it is well known that the LED lighting industry has always been beat the heat on the tip of the tongue, the hot hot emerging industries for numerous followers touch of experienced hot, sweating. In the LED lighting development in recent years, chaos and lack of standard fuzzy, doors, run, price, quality, collapse and so on key words are synonymous with LED industry present situation, the country give its huge policy support, but is at a shuffle the mid-term LED industry is still in hot water. Recently, various provinces and cities to the LED enterprise product quality inspection do the spot check, in guangdong province pledges inspect bureau released selectives examination results, nearly forty percent of the LED street lamp enterprise spot check is unqualified, from 51 batches of LED street light and light controller, spot checks found that 20 batches of unqualified, unqualified product discovery rate is as high as 39. 2%. In the unqualified enterprises, some enterprise is always the listed companies and nearly two years for a number of green award honors, from this perspective, this & other; So check & throughout; The quality problem of the industry, LED lighting products worrying!

the quality problem of present

in the spot check of the LED street lamp and the light controller is unqualified projects, 20 batches of product does not comply with the provisions of the standard, involving structure, ground rules, exterior wiring and internal wiring, dustproof and waterproof, insulation resistance and electric strength, heat resistant, fireproof and terminal mark, power voltage resistance, electromagnetic radiation harassment ( 30 mhz - 300 mhz) And harmonic current emission, surge immunity, the average color rendering index, excellent electrical performance, protection grade of lamps and lanterns and light distribution curve and so on. Dustproof and waterproof is unqualified, involving 6 batches, exterior wiring and internal wiring is not the most qualified, involving 7 batches.

LED lighting product quality be sorrow

last year related to product quality supervision department sampling observation results show that the LED lighting industry quality qualified rate is not very desirable, in some places of energy-saving lamps or even less than 20% pass rate. This year the lamps and lanterns of recent product selectiving examination result is not same, chengdu has a fifty percent street lamp is unqualified, in jiangxi province, more than sixty percent of the emergency light is unqualified, qualitative inspect branch in hunan province by more than fifty percent of sampling observation of quality of lamps and lanterns is unqualified. We often see infants and young children caused by quality problem LED dome light eyes fail and street lamp droplight injury news, product quality problems has been the skull injury problems of LED lighting industry.

a few businessmen and companies call yesterday, accusing parts enterprises to cut corners, lead to products of lamps and lanterns in high voltage, high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, etc, do not conform to the requirements of the production, the quality is unqualified, and parts enterprises also have a bitter could not say: & other; I also don't want to waste product, if not interacting, finished product enterprises, we don't have to do this. ” Who should be responsible for the consumer?

LED quality of listed companies also trap door

lehman quality lawsuits

listed a few well-known enterprises, as the LED industry has also recently due to its contract customers in exposure to the media because of its defects lead to LED screen appear a large number of death light is in dispute. After the incident, lehman photoelectric rapidly respond to this, the company never shied away from any product quality problem, as long as in the case of clear quality responsibility, never avoid or shuffle any customer's quality responsibility.

chau Ming science and technology quality unqualified a plaster

in the guangdong province in selectiving examination chau Ming science and technology of quality control is also hang the lottery was unqualified detection, and then be pledges inspect bureau approval inspection qualified after the rectification, but it also gave the & other; Green products & throughout; Enterprises of the listed company with a gray.

to see the quality of the above two listed companies LED the door, let us consumers a daze, have a little question, under the aggressive advertising LED lighting products, we can see is just the disappointing news? The rights and interests of consumers still need those unqualified enterprises pay more attention to product quality and thoughtful.

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