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by:Sehon     2020-10-10

the personage inside course of study thought, Japan, South Korea and other southeast Asia market and north American markets has LED ball bubble up to the land, the European market in the European debt crisis continues to influence, let the LED enterprises can't wait too much.

LEDinside observed earlier, osram, GE and lighting, philips and other international companies LED bulb series, and has good market in Japan, South Korea, North America. Many LED companies are also introduced to China this year LED bulb series, rather than in Japan and South Korea, the embodiment of the north American market is gratifying, even China's own market is not so good.

LEDinside thought, China LED ball bubble market of spindle is the village market, but is subject to the LED ball bubble of high value and market awareness, village have not been completely open, other high value is also one of the main factors that prevent market awareness promotion. In addition, the LED bulb can replace the incandescent lamp and the industry.

consumer concerns about concrete embodiment is as follows:

a, incandescent lamp can be used in the kitchen, and if the LED bulb in the kitchen use will not escape the disturbance of soot dust and dirt; Including emergency lights, LED emergency power, emergency light.

2, Chinese village market is quite a large area of incandescent light bulb use B22 lamp holder, and Chinese on the market of LED ball bubble roots are in E27 perhaps E26 lamp holder;

three, LED ball bubble to replace incandescent lighting site are compared low, but the LED ball bubble of high-value customers can not accept obviously.

in view of the above points, you can estimate if the incandescent light bulb after exit the market, in some occasions LED ball steep light also can't very well meet the demand of use; Also out of the market of mainland China is more than 100 w incandescent lamp, so the incandescent lamp, give the LED lighting to chance, but not far.

experts indicate that the LED bulb: ( The light source) Belong to the alternative use of product, it is difficult to achieve differentiation, exquisite design feeling high-end occasions seldom requirements apply to the LED bulb. Indicate a lot of manufacturers, alternative LED lighting products are civil road lighting market, demand, and no professional lighting products is so high, also should also be set to a reasonable value orientation.

lighting is not called lighting in the past, but the lamps and lanterns, and now, in promotion of the quality of life now, the role of lighting not only lighting, or the pursuit of quality of life, lighting and fashion to pursue, personality, art, quality together, this is lamp act the role ofing, rather than simple lamps and lanterns, look for the accurate positioning and improve, improve their advantage has let this road will never end.

public life in a big trend of development, has been in high speed growth, and to change the market pattern, extension of the lighting applications, in the face of this situation, our lamp is acted the role of nature can't be doing nothing, because of various reason changed people's habits and customs, many enterprises to put forward the problem, cause the transformation of business model, so in the current situation, the enterprise should find direction and positioning.

however, we are a & other Do more, and then speak more & throughout; , pay attention to the quality of the products and the integration of industrial chain and assist cooperation has always been the industry value chain management rules, the organization ability to perfect the marketing team, technical support center, customer service centers, distribution hub of the country's logistics center, sales and service center, etc. , instant order processing, sales, product application, customer complaints, the highest efficiency to meet the market demand. With technical support and customer service center and distribution hub of the country's logistics center, sales and service center, etc. , and can be handled in time order sales and product application of customer complaints, to the highest efficiency to meet the market demand.

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