- LED lighting project LED lighting energy saving reconstruction - EMC will become the mainstream mode

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

- LED lighting project LED lighting energy saving renovation & ndash; EMC will become the mainstream mode. To illuminate the present government hall project, LED lighting energy-saving reform widely attention, during which EMC contract energy management is one of the very popular forms. Experts think, EMC contract energy management in outdoor LED lighting professional within the next two years will be the primary form.

the lighting industry in China has a strong manufacturing foundation and broad market space, support, and to develop rapidly, especially in the LED lighting industry. It is reported that our country at present, there are more than 5000 enterprises produce LED lighting products, product yield more than 60% of global production, industrial development are moving in the rapid rise in time. Therefore, in the LED industry to carry out the golden period of green lighting, comply with the trend, seize the key of green lighting combined with EMC form become the key of LED street lamp production enterprises to carry out.

under the form of EMC, professional energy saving skill service company customers ( Energy saving the owners) Entrust, through energy service contracts with customers and bring their own money to energy-saving projects, and to supply customers with energy-saving reform necessary equipment, skills, capital and other one-stop service, and through energy savings for the customer capital gains.

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