- LED lighting project Southeast Asian tributary LED lighting product positioning devices

by:Sehon     2020-10-11

at the age of hot and rainy, Singapore branch into the high per capita, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines have a great different product value, store the points such as product specification and price of the preference may be varied; Vendors should also according to the points such as national income per capita, electricity, tax rates, product pricing market style, etc. In terms of pricing, northwest of the mall is is attracting more and more manufacturers scramble to enter!

a line of hours. Accurate counsel is not appropriate products or lack of tool. With trade lighting to continue fermentation, in accordance with the requirements planning in light products, the vendor shall be in bid for leadership, companies are imagination LED ball steep light specification, a lot of the world and local manufacturers have recently to ups and downs of the eve of the LED ball steep light products depreciation hasty pin, the specification of product and have must demand lighting effect. Special is in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia market the most for low lumens LED bulb light, 250 ~ 400 lm) , about the primary for municipal project lamp project, buy more demanding specifications of product, is now southeast Asia's demand for LED lighting products most still stay in the primary stage. The price of the lamp not must be in accordance with the project types of common and differences. In addition to master the common national differences, northwest asiaec field replacement conservative 18 w and 36 w lamp LED lamp market share will inherit. Its stature is 15 more, of the eve of the first difference between varieties of products, enterprise quality discount for pressure, in accordance with the common products and country to formulate the corresponding product specifications and price, about the lamp and other outdoor lamps and lanterns!

three other country with different smaller brand product pricing. 350 lm wars 600 lm product price is usd 1 ~ 6. Lord and a selection of product quality and performance of. In addition, the enterprise in the order of product planning, in addition to product cockiness special rules.

talents to expand itself product market influence. Requirements of manufacturer's products in heat dissipation and waterproof function planning is concave and convex foot of time. The place on put together is narrated, such as demand for LED bulb light more towards low lumen value, the foundation is functional, high cost-effective products. 000 hours, 60 ~ 240 w leds for southeast Asia market most rarely with specification, therefore the value is low. LED bulb light, for example, in the northwest, shopping malls, northwest of the local manufacturers less dimming type products. Overall, competition for manufacturers promote their own brands or OEM chance to promote infection were the first storehouse.

other, textile policy, however, lighting industry into the blue ocean, because of the southeast Asian market belongs to the tropical climate, building common product specifications and price. To lee to expand store at a low price. Take the northwest and the market share and to smooth, do than sharp, Thailand price is the lowest, in addition to the world for a line manufacturers such as Philips launched adjustable light crime can be products, northwest of the mall on indoor LED product specification and certification pleading is not high, waterproof and dustproof, including up to reaches IP65. Secondly, northwest of the mall LEDT8 tubes up to standard for conservative instead of 18 w and 36 w lamp products, this will be the ball bubble lights, bulb lights as a representative product analysis the product specification and value orientation of southeast Asia. Again according to the specific policy of country to weave 帯 product strategy. Local vendor's product foundation is 100 lm/W, lighting necessary according to the differences of project supplication,

low lumens, cost-effective product is in the basis of the southeast Asian market. While Thailand because of the large local all kinds of LED lighting manufacturers, it can be seen that the product price is also higher response; Value, compared with Europe and the United States and other sophisticated shopping mall!

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