- LED lighting project The application of small spacing of LED display in the security industry

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

now, appeared LED screen with small distance itself advantage launched a fierce offensive in many categories, in the use of different categories with different style. Small distance appeared LED screen first used in conference hall, concert, command center, science and technology building, plaza shopping mall, airport, railway station, such as category, used in the field of artificial intelligence, intelligent city is still in its early stage.

with the small distance LED skills gradually broken, distance is more and more small products have been developed, the product prices also fell. Small distance appeared LED screen can into the new category in the future. Security market gradually expanded, the market prospect is broad, appeared small distance LED screen in the security category will be how to carry out?

now, because the increased awareness of safety and intelligent impact to date, a smart appeared in security products plays an important effect. In the intelligent monitoring s, any corners without video monitoring, appeared to mention intelligence, small distance manifest LED screen is the important carrier, show mall, hence their security category.

in addition, the small distance between the LED screen can also be used in the traffic guidance system, security management, intelligent city, and the monitoring center operations, etc.

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