- LED lighting project The future of gardening LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

- LED lighting project The future of gardening LED lighting. Greenhouse farms is not a new skill, but follow the international population continues to increase, and to sustainable development, intensive and efficient, and standardization of the change of grain yield, will increasingly become a standard in the coming years, open a potentially huge new agricultural sector, blending the latest skills of biological science and engineering category. Lighting, heating, water and control system of advance enables people to create a huge artificial lighting indoor greenhouse.

compared with traditional agriculture, these equipment can happen bigger output. Different stages of plant growth and cycle can supply different wavelengths of light to obtain higher output or cut growth time to operate. Because transpiration reduction, the installation process of humidity and temperature control, water consumption greatly reduced. Because a closed system, control or eliminate insect pests, fungi or bacteria, also more and more useful. In addition, in population center adjacent to create equipment, cut transport demand, also can greatly reduce grain production and supply of carbon footprints. LED the skills of seasoned indoor greenhouse is the future one of the most important development of feasibility study. To start, the price of the led is very valuable, and they can happen to the wavelength of light is very limited. However, with the led production skills, led has become the first choice for indoor culture solution plan. Compared with other lighting skills, now led to announce very specific optical bandwidth, together is also very strong, and is relatively small. In addition, the use of led full long, for low voltage requirements, and won't happen too much heat, and high power. This will greatly reduced indoor greenhouse operating capital.

however, it is necessary to bear in mind that each plant light wavelength and intensity of the reaction of various combinations are different. In addition, different types of plant selection of different physical characteristics. Expect salad vegetables, for example, has a thin and light leaves to improve taste when eating, and demand in the aloe thick leaves to produce more latex. About flowering, decorate the plant needs long time insist their flowers as far as possible, in the pineapple, it is best to flowering process in order to better control the harvest. Therefore, indoor greenhouse operators and producers have been looking for a new artificial light unit wavelength combination, these light formula combination fit a particular species or even plant species ( Subspecies) 。

to satisfied these requirements, Wü WL - rthElektronik supplies SMDC LED SMD LED Waterclear monochromatic ceramic series. In the WL - SMDC scale has been expanded to include in the 450 - nm ( Dark blue) And 660 nm ( Super red) And 730 nm ( Far red) , which is selected to match the photosynthetic pigment absorption spectrum of the wavelength. In addition to existing products in this series, can also supply a variety of combinations, to satisfied policy develop kinds of demand.

  WL- SMDC LED the emission spectrum of cover on the absorption spectrum of photosynthetic pigment

power and light power, the progress of a good price and now will be LED from the development of phase change for garden use of traditional light source, feasible plan instead. Although demand survey and understand the exact effect and wavelength than red and blue wavelengths, but the LED will continue to get market share from other sources, and will become dominant in the coming years. WL - along with the extension SMDC release, Wü RthElektronik besides satisfying certain types of plant may need any special request, also has the match the photosynthesis indispensable wavelength of LED.

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