- LED lighting project What is the future of the digital age LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

on June 9, 2018 - 12, the guangzhou international lighting fair ( GILE) Again the guangzhou import and export commodities fair exhibition was held in our country, in & other; Thinking about lighting & throughout; Exhibition concept, further lead career exploration under the digital and connectivity of the trend, lighting to use and how product promotion transformation, to reflect the market demand.

digital economy contains huge potential to be reckoned with. Today, a new skill brings an industrial revolution upheaval, the use of promoting LED professional, and under the of science and technology lead, lead the new industrial development form rendering.

all of the warp and woof of is the increasingly globalized international connectivity. Digital production and operation, meanwhile, s coming now, and they remain at a rapid pace.

so, digital age, what is the future of LED lighting?

iot rendering and rise to drive the LED lighting to set different direction, blend personalization, human-oriented intelligent lighting has become the future industry to carry out the main points, LED enterprise constantly use new s skills, make it more intelligent instrumentation and value chain.

the foshan city star electric technology co. , LTD. White light equipment division general manager Zhao Sen, & other; Let's recent progress in the intelligent lighting products line set up. Follow iot skills and talent city's rapid construction, intelligent lighting the rapid development, especially in industrial field and household lighting.

the star power of white light in the wake of the demand of the market, in the dimming color plan, IC integration and system integration into multiple directions such as vision, launched from the equipment to the systematic solution plan, formulated the light source, lamps and lighting class comprehensive system solutions.

future products must be the combination of market and skills, let's see the digital connectivity, development trend, LED and electronic skills to carry out the trend in miniaturization, integration, industry cross-border blend also gradually increased, the career potential. ”

because & other; Light & throughout; Stayed with occurrence and evolution of mankind, is the process of human evolution, a kind of extremely important impetus, the impact has been far beyond our feelings and fantasy. Shanghai zhao guan lighting industrial co. , LTD. ( WELLMAX) The vice President of thorough thought,

& other; Let's find the light to people not only visual effect, also on a person's circadian rhythms regulate have very good effect. Lights for vision not only, more with chengdu people's mind awareness and blood effect.

WELLMAX iDAPT skills is to use leds can regulate the characteristic, makes the process of the light from light to dark is a slow change.

due to the present LED, make illumination profession has undergone earth-shaking changes, LED and communications professional, intelligent professional cross-border integration is becoming more and more, in such a messy environment, the enterprise will play a bigger is put forward. ”

development is an eternal subject, whether or not you got everything ready for the digital?

the market continues to occur through skills with innovation, thinking. Declension, LED industrial rough on the back is the clever machine to change, let's make the rules, the extended new forms and new style, to touch at any time in the s.

let's search leader has unusual degree of influence and flash, and the industrial development has made different appeal, transverse and do not flow, unity.

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