LED lighting to make our life better

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

along with the advance of technology, energy saving and environmental protection of a new generation of lighting LED filament bulb to begin to enter people's vision. LED light-emitting diodes, power can be directly into the light, it solved the problems of the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, its energy utilization rate is higher than fluorescent light, at the same time also will not produce harmful substances to the environment, can be said to be the future light of choice.

as a preferred future lighting, it have on earth which we look at the advantages: first, the stability of the LED light source life up to 50000 hours free maintenance; High color rendering guarantee the quality of the lighting; High light output to ensure more light for lighting; Without glare colorless, gone with the wind; Do not produce ultraviolet and infrared light to protect user's health. And size specifications same or superior to the traditional lamps and lanterns, can be arbitrary replacement lens power supply, light source, thermal module, can according to customer's preferences, random replacement, applicability of excellence; Low power, good secondary optical design, optical loss rate is low, than traditional save more than 50% of the electricity consumption of lamps and lanterns; No mercury to dye, easy recycling energy conservation and emissions reduction.

policy to accelerate the popularization of LED lighting

LED lighting with its advantage of energy saving, environmental protection has generally brought to the attention of state and government at all levels and across all relevant policies to speed up the development; Of zen city, foshan city, guangdong province issued 'zen city guangdong province thousands million light LED indoor lighting demonstration area construction project engineering measures for the implementation of subsidy, on December 31, 2013, zen city will come up with the highest 15 million yuan subsidies LED interior lighting, including every consumer to buy a LED ball bubble lamp, can obtain the highest subsidies 5 yuan. Then, Qingdao municipal government also implemented in local LED lighting subsidy policy, in which residents purchase subsidies will be 50% of the cost of purchase, 30% enterprise purchase subsidies. And mass consumers of this kind of new type of environmental protection lighting products thirst for already a long time, the popularity of LED lighting in this opportunity is not too late.

LED lighting & other; Special function & throughout;

we all know that the LED lamps and lanterns has the advantage of energy saving, environmental protection, not only so, the light can also with your mood changes,

LED can adjust the color and brightness, according to the demand for example can along with the mood, let a bedroom lights alternately weak yellow, and green apple green, and pink & hellip; … This is the current energy-saving lamp tube incomparable. In addition, because the LED the built-in control chip, consumers can even realize wireless remote control of home lighting, home premise before open living room lamp? Only need to send an instruction is ok, such a life experience is not far away.

only you thought, no can't do that, a well-known manufacturers of philips has released a new LED candle lamp, the lamp's life for us both make the romantic atmosphere and reduced the other. If you want to for you in the home he ( She) Decorate a sweet candle power dinner but don't want to smoke to disturb by candlelight, so in the home was put on a few philips LED candle light can be solved. It perfectly simulate real fire, no fire hidden trouble, less intrusive smoky atmosphere. The movement of the simulation candlelight, deep to this is to reconcile out of flickering candles; Frosted glass candle cup with fashion, wonderful mood as ripples in the dim light.

these multifunctional LED lights come out not only meet our changing mood, also bring home the green environment, it is the longevity of low energy consumption but also conforms to now the trend of the energy conservation and environmental protection.

in the

all in all in the now diversified life, LED lighting makes our life more beautiful and colorful, whether from a city feel when curtain of night fall down the rainbow, or new LED products of science and technology emerge in endlessly, this is telling us, green light, the light of the pollution-free environment is getting closer and closer to us, they make our lives the advent of added a few minutes.

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