LED lighting to maturity custom 'money' scene attractive market

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

the latest market data shows that the retail price of the LED bulbs has dropped to $8, and energy-saving fluorescent lamps price is about $5, under this price, consumers choose more energy-efficient leds orientation will further strengthen, predicts 2015, will truly have LED lighting market.

but at the same time, there are people in the industry believe that LED into the general lighting market rate may be beyond the expectation of people. Huarun si wei technology co. , LTD. , general manager of party movement analysis way: & other; With LED lighting product prices have fallen sharply, household application market is about to take off, the market is expected to grow at 30% or so, but I feel far more than these, especially mainland China LED application market is likely to have double the growth.

now LED lights factory price has dropped to 1. $38, enter home market has no price obstacle, in 2013 there will be some consumers may try to use the LED lighting products, if the trial down effect is good, 2014 will appear a large number of procurement. ”

all semiconductor manufacturers LED lighting is a big market that nots allow to ignore. Past, due to the lack of funds and design capability, has restricted the local chip design companies into a certain system of chip market, has also led to a standardized product market competition is fierce, the gross margin decline; And for a specific application of custom chip, that is, analog ASIC chip market in the field of gross margin is relatively much higher, the analogy of the chip 2011 market size is about 40 billion dollars, more than 90% of them are custom chip market. Therefore, for a specific application of custom chips become the world's many manufacturers to develop one of the main direction of the chip.

according to the specific requirements of the LED lighting, need chip makers can have a more long-term development planning, and strong design capability, continuously improve its service ability, and deeply user, actually show customers solve problems and provide practical solutions and products.

in addition, the fund problem is also many vendors often met another big bottleneck, the said party movement, & other; At present, the competitive power of China's electronics manufacturing there for all to see, not just the production capability is strong, and complete, it is very important for the domestic IC chip industry.

China is becoming a global important LED products manufacturing base, at the critical moment of LED lighting to maturity, customized semiconductor chip to LED lighting products provide a solid technical support to popularize and apply, at the same time, it will promote the overall development of China's LED industry chain and perfect.

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