LED lights - American lighting manufacturers announced price increases 6 - again and again and again 8%

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

recently, American lighting manufacturers UniversalLighting Technologies ( 开证) On to the customer's notification, announced that from August 1, the average rise in the price of its product line 6 - 8%.

PESLA sales and marketing executive vice President, said in the letter:

Universal Lighting Technologies, 开证) Constantly develop the most advanced technology in the lighting market, the most cost-effective products. Our company is one of the core work of for clients to reduce costs without sacrificing performance and reliability. Although these efforts to reduce costs has been very successful, but our suppliers of goods and parts prices recently passed our cost reduction efforts.

since August 1, 2018, ULT will rise in the average price of our product line 6 - 8%. Please note that the prices will not affect the effective project quotation have any project. However, the future will affect all other price list/quotation.

in 2018, the new price list will provide to you on or before July 9. Please contact your local ULT representative for details.

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