LED lights cup had been on the light switch off light at night

by:Sehon     2020-11-09

a you of the LED lamp cup is used to do the voice control lamp? 1, perhaps lamp cup of internal transfer of high sensitivity, little noise have induction, then shut out of problems. 2, check to see if your switch has a problem, well matched.

2 if only used as ordinary lamp lighting, 1, check to see if your switch has a problem, well matched. 2, LED lamp cup wattage are relatively small, and has a certain quantity of heat, heat cooling, sometimes even switch off, will be bright for a while can completely subsided; LED lights cup with light failure problem, sometimes is not a moment of calm, is gradually from light to dark, slow completely subsided a little while; And may be related to the voltage of your home, because the lamp cup of voltage is 220 v, but every local voltage of each period is not fixed, it is not stable, when home voltage and voltage does not match the lamp cup, light cup will appear this kind of unstable phenomenon, this doesn't matter, the impact is not big.

three no problem if your own switch well matched, you can try a few times, and see if it can't turn off, I think this can't, can't without electricity can also supply the lights on, or is the leakage? 吗? 吗? If no leakage, the power supply completely blocked, the light will on, then, did you make to home without any electricity can lights as bright drops.

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