LED lights cup how to pack

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

mentioned lamp cup are generally refers to the market of led lights cup, it is a new kind of lamps and lanterns, has the advantages such as condenser, energy saving. Some people may not understand the lamp cup, below small make up light cup gave you talk about how to install.

a, what is the lamp cup

led lights cup is a new type of lamps and lanterns, the principle of choosing parabolic surface design and flashlight concentrated, reduces the light loss, have rich design and energy saving low temperature of strengths. Light cup shape like a cone shape of the cup, 3 ~ 5 cm in diameter. More general lamp high brightness, more rich color, can be divided into white, yellow, blue, colour light, etc. , can directly replace the original general to shoot the light. The lamp cup using range is very wide, are used to represent the window, restaurants, bars, cafes and home interior decoration, etc.

2, lamp cup device to

1, lamp cup no device on the flammable objects directly, especially some plates, to device heat insulation measures must be taken, even if the surface temperature of lamps and lanterns parts near combustible, also want to take heat insulation or cooling way.

2, lamp cup wire connection with lamp holder and lamp holder between parallel wire connection to strong, electrical contact should be distinguished, avoid because of poor contact between the wire and terminal produced sparks, produce risk.

3, lamp cup device before should be check to each conductor wire core sections of lamps and lanterns, unqualified if cross section must be replaced.

4, light cup, if you need to use fixed bolts, bolts should be selected according to the requirements of the design of the product specification, the hole diameter and buried depth to match the bolt specification.

5, the number of bolt fixed light cup holder should not be less than the light at the base of the fixed number of holes, bolt diameter should match the aperture, each lamps used for fixed bolts or screws should not be less than 2, the center of gravity of the lamps and lanterns wants to be in conformity with the bolts or screws in the center of gravity.

what are three, lamp cup use

1, stage lights

the color of the lamp cup and types varied, very suitable stage lights use, can arouse the enthusiasm of the audience, the construction of outstanding stage effect.

2, mall lights

lamp cup with low energy consumption, energy saving effect is good, announced that the light intensity is more intense than energy-saving lamps, therefore very suitable lighting businesses. Make products to attract customer's attention and enhance the purchase desire of customers.

3, restaurant lights

dining-room lamp to repast atmosphere plays a very important role, the shape of the lamp cup design has good focusing effect, for building an outstanding diner dining atmosphere, make dishes look more attractive, and promote people's appetite.

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