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by:Sehon     2020-10-19

stainless steel jewelry plating is in the process of the production of stainless steel jewelry in a link, this link can be in the middle of the jewellery making, maybe after procedure is used to change the appearance color appearance, this is a kind of allowing in the process of a layer of metal substrate was founded.

this kind of stainless steel jewelry plating process is also called & other Vacuum packing & throughout; , it involves heating metal coating material until its indoor vacuum evaporation. The lack of intraluminal pressure will make metal boiling point downward. This allows the metal vapor condensation and the substrate cambium on top of your choice. The semiconductor industry, for example, using vacuum accumulation on the silicon accumulation interconnection.

stainless steel jewelry plating method can use all kinds of heating methods, include plasma beam, resistance heating and electron beam. The thickness of the metal layer scale from a single atom to a few millimeters. Some coating can improve hardware accessories plating performance, corrosion or wear resistance. In some cases, the top coating can enhance the appearance of the parts.

we introduce two uv coating vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating plastic parts, aluminum, Christmas gifts, resin handicrafts, handicrafts, household appliances, car headlights, a variety of products such as reflector lamp bowl, in the vacuum coating aluminum reflective glass and plastic lines and smooth reflective cup of orange peel is our strengths, reflective surface can ChengLiang silver plating, high temperature resistant reflective film, equipment and technology are yes, processing of the quality of the product can withstand test, timely delivery, general delivery is 2 - plating reflective cup 3 days of delivery, the delivery is fast in the peer. Welcome to our company to visit, guidance, business negotiations.

PC plastic reflective cup orange peel plating line and smooth surface heat resistance scale: ( Low temperature - 70 degrees 110 degrees)

aluminum light cup orange peel plating lines and smooth surface heat resistance scale: ( High temperature of 150 degrees - 240 degrees) 。

processing, orange peel, reflective cup flat glass processing

this product processing products is plastic, aluminum, Christmas gifts, resin handicrafts, handicrafts, household appliances, car headlights, reflector lamp bowl, daily processing capacity is 10000 / day, processing method is to do processing, processing equipment is vacuum coating machine

in addition to oil, wax removal. Get rid of the oily be soiled, perspiration and light appearance and surrounding wax ( Silicon) And so on. Scrubbing area as much as possible, with dedicated in addition to the cloth with a little before treating agent scrub headlight, it not only oil, wax removal, and anti-static function.

if oil, wax removal is not completely, in the time easy to be stained with sand paper burnish, affect the cutting force, is not conducive to grinding, time-consuming, laborious, and after construction will appear on the appearance of small oil eyes ( Similar to the m small pit of granular) , serious when they form the rework.

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