LED lights cup installation instructions and matters needing attention

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

LED lights cup is an essential part of home decoration as a lighting lamps and lanterns, it can device in the place such as kitchen, toilet, corridor, the sitting room, is a new generation of environmental protection and efficient energy-saving lamps and lanterns of health.

LED lights cup device is convenient and simple, but assumes that the device in the special raw material and environment, there are still some local needs pay attention to, the following will tell us something about the safety of the device LED lights cup attention to matters.

1。 LED lights cup device on the flammable objects directly. Some families in order to beautiful, three splint after the paint line on the back of the house, in fact, this is very dangerous, must adopt heat insulation measures; Assumes that the appearance of high temperature parts of lamps and lanterns near combustible, also want to take heat insulation or cooling way.

2。 LED lights cup wire connection with lamp holder and lamp holder between parallel wire connection is strong, the electrical contact should be distinguished, avoid because of the poor contact, flush spark between wire and terminal, and risk.

3。 LED lights cup before the device should also check to each conductor wire core sections of lamps and lanterns, soft copper wire is not less than 0. 4 was, copper is not less than 0. 5 was, otherwise required to replace lead.

4。 LED lights cup assumes that the demand when choosing expansion bolt, should choose bolt according to the requirements of product skills standard, the hole diameter and buried depth to match the standard of bolt.

5。 LED lights cup fixed socket bolt should not be less than the number of lamps and lanterns at the base of the fixed number of holes, and bolt diameter should match with aperture; The lamps and lanterns of base with no fixture holes ( When the device to punch) Lamps and lanterns, each used for fixed bolts or screws should not be less than 2, and the center of gravity of lamps and lanterns should be in conformity with the bolts or screws in the center of gravity; Only when the diameter of the insulation stage in 75 mm and below, only can choose a bolt or screw.

6。 LED lights cup device in the masonry structure, should choose embedded bolt, or use the expansion bolt, nylon or plastic plug fixed; Do not use wooden wedge.

7。 Education child, do not throw the balloon in indoor lamps and lanterns to avoid ornaments lamp hang oneself fall harm or damage the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns. And the fixed parts bearing ability should match with the weight of the dome light. To ensure that the LED lamp cup fixed solid, reliable, and can extend its service life.

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