LED lights cup is? LED lamp cup, application and advantages

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

now the lamps and lanterns profession rapid development, in the close we saw there were many lamps and lanterns, the led lamp is like. So, so many beautiful lamps and lanterns is in what hold? The answer is lamp cup. Estimated that many friends are not very clear what is the lamp cup, we immediately to see what the lamp cup is? The usefulness of light cup and strengths.

a, what is the lamp cup

new lamps and lanterns, led lamp cup is on the market first by cross flow drives, optical lens, the led light source and high heat conductivity radiator shell, the principle of the parabola surface condenser, planning and torch good reduces the light loss, has a style of fat, energy saving, low temperature strengths. Shape is like cone shape of the cup, diameter is commonly 3 & ndash; 5 centimeters. More general shoot higher brightness, more lucrative, color can be divided into white, yellow, blue, colour light, etc. , the first focusing effect, can directly replace the original general shoot the light, its use range is very wide, such as used in the show window, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and home interior decoration and so on.

2, the use of a lamp cup

1, stage

because of the color of the lamp cup type rich, colorful, and therefore ideal for gorgeous stage effect, arouse the enthusiasm of the audience quickly, the stage of building a kind of beautiful scenery. In decorating, often can see the stage lights cup.

2, shopping

compared with common equality on market power energy-saving lamps, lamp cup with low energy consumption, energy saving effect is good, the light intensity is more intense than energy-saving lamps, and to participate in the business place of lighting is suitable for use, color rich, for the product plating layer on the brightness, make the product look more bright eye, helps to attract consumers of eyeball, let consumers to purchase desire more intense.

3, restaurant

with the progress of people's living standard, we go to restaurant, have to consider is not only food quality and taste, people more to consider how the dining environment, including the lamp, the effect of the atmosphere plays a very important external shape and light cup planning has the very good focusing effect, for building an outstanding diner dining atmosphere, make dishes look more attractive, promote the appetite of people, the dining environment is also becoming very emotional appeal.

article conclusion: what is the usefulness of lamp cup and lamp cup is introduced here for us, we believe that our after seen the light cup also know a must. Now social praise highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection, with low consumption, high efficiency advantages such as environmental protection, and the widespread application of light cup is inevitable.

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