Led lights cup lamp size standards

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

there are many kinds of leds lamp act the role ofing, different lighting will be different light cup, all sorts of beautiful lights are in a different light cup foil. Lamp cup refers to the shape is like cone of lamps and lanterns in the shape of the cup, big diameter 3 & ndash; 5 cm, it is a kind of light source, and USES is ultrahigh brightness of the light source, lamp brightness higher than normal. Led lamp is the most importance to energy conservation and environmental protection products, lamps and lanterns made of led as light source which is becoming more and more in the most favorable comment is led to shoot the light, as compared with other led lamps, led lamp price is lower, and has the advantages of small load, weak interference.

shoot the scale standard - lamp cup Different wattage standard

wattage of 35 w: 1. Opening, width is 205 * 90, the scale of the high of 170;

2。 Opening, width is 243 * 106, height of 198 standard

wattage of 20 w: opening, width is 235 multiplied by 106, high of 198 standard.

wattage of 50 w: opening, width 235 * 106 plus 198.

wattage for 70 w: 1. Opening, width is 205 * 110, height is 205 a

2. Opening, width 180 * 137, height is 220.

wattage for Max300W: scale range for opening and wide 150 * 287, 391

wattage for Max120W: scale for opening, 130 * 220 wide, and high is 309.

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