LED lights cup manufacturers design using process more simple and convenient

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

thermal conductive plastic product features:

1, outstanding thermal conductivity 0. 9W/mK;

2, excellent heat transfer performance, and general engineering plastics to match;

3, compared with general aluminum radiator group thirty percent reduction in weight;

4, easy to forming under the injection mold;

5, and is superior to the general capacity of aluminum die casting;

6, on the appearance of organizational planning supply more flexible and elastic space;

UL94V - 7, flame retardant grade 0.

thermal conductive plastic product application: can be used to reduce fever in an organization, such as liquid crystal display backlight LED tube, LED TV, LED lamps and lanterns as MR16 lamps and lanterns, it also can replace a sort of aluminum heat sink.

thermal conductive plastic features: high purity, uniform particle size small, scattered, large specific surface area, low apparent density, excellent function of injection molding. Good used in composite material, matching with the semiconductor silicon, good interfacial compatibility, can improve the mechanical function and thermal insulation performance of the composite material. Main parameters of this product chooses to produce plasma arc gas phase composition, color is gray, the average particle size less than 50, AlN powders thermal conductivity is as high as 320 w/mk.

with the rapid development of electronic appliances and other products, especially the LED energy-saving lamps, to promote the application of thermal conductive plastics. Now, thermal conductive plastics is mainly used to replace some have strict request for products scale or for insulation and heat dissipation requirements of the product at the same time, the LED heat conducting plastics such as miniature electronic components, optical components, machinery components, medical components, lighting, automotive, heating, refrigeration, food, sports goods, such as category, also can be used as a gasket, shock absorber, touch the material.

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