Led lights cup when used to pay attention to what matters

by:Sehon     2020-10-03

When using led lights cup, people should pay attention to what issues? These few items to note:

& emsp;   ( 1) Away from water, fuel,

& emsp;   Led lights cup to stay away from some of the more dangerous the local, such as local near the water, placed on local fuel. Led lights cup had better not install near the water, to prevent too much water in the air, causing the leakage accidents. Other, put local materials, also do not install the led lamp cup, prevent light led to the surrounding temperature for a long time, cause a fuel fire.

  ( 2) Keep wires touch outstanding

& emsp;   People in the installation of led lights cup, will all kinds of cables, wires and wiring fixed good, keep the wire touch of lamps and lanterns, outstanding prevent accidents because of poor touch of power supply.

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