LED lights factory LiQing continue to profit

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

LED lights supplier LiQing consolidated revenue of January 4. 8. 5 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) And in 43. 69%, mainly is the continuation of last year's fourth quarter car traditional sales season, and new car LED light permeability continued ascension, drive the main customer cargo before the lunar New Year's day premise, contribution LiQing first 2018 revenue, make it last 400 million yuan RMB.

thanks to auto industry continued acceleration technology process of new car import LED lights, LED contains LED headlamps also gradually from high order models to rv permeability ascending trend generally clear, help LiQing, LED lamp module implements a good sales environment and order of high visibility, and create the future the overall operating stable growth momentum.

set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) Latest report points out, if a new application of the LED daylight lamp, estimate will consume only 0 per 100 km. 2 liters of fuel, will reduce co2 emissions per 100 km of about 4 grams, highlight LED lights than traditional lamp has the characteristics of lightweight, energy saving carbon reduction. In addition, the LED light more high visibility, multivariate space design, and giving full play to the advantages of driving safety, therefore in the automotive industry to speed up toward the car electric, automation and networking technology in the process of acceleration is used.

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