LED lights flashing is not lit this how repair

by:Sehon     2020-10-26

the LED by constant current drive circuit and lamp bead of two parts, the common problem is the lamp bead light damage and damage (filter capacitance of power Constant current drive circuit of constant current IC little damage) , if the questioner understand electronic technology, can begin to detoxify.

a, damage to the LED lamp bead,

the damaged LED lamp bead has black spots.

LED filament bulb in general are sealed tightly, lamp bead work in confined Spaces for time, if the lamp bead operating current is larger, and the cooling owe good, simple light bead damage due to overheating. A critical damage condition, some light bead moments may be due to the impact of the current power supply is connected, flash it is out of order, because the LED bead generally for multiple lights series, such a damage, will cause the whole lamps bead is not bright.

general burned-out LED lamp bead (with black spots Pictured above) , if the hand have the same standard lamp bead to bad lights will be removed, a new can. If no lights, also can choose a dozen & Omega; The small resistance welding line in the orientation of the lamp bead.

2, constant current drive circuit with

LED constant current drive.

now LED filament bulb are generally choose special constant current IC structure of constant current drive circuit. This kind of constant current drive circuit for the constant current IC, inductance coil and rectifier in little damage, simple damaged components is the high pressure filter capacitor. This kind of electrolytic capacitors, some of the light bulb filter capacitance pressure value choice is low, if the ac 220 v voltage on the high side, can lead to broken down the capacitance, the constant current drive circuit can't normal operation, the lamp is not lit up. Meet the power filter capacitor is damaged, can choose the same capacity, pressure values are not lower than the original capacitance electrolytic capacitor substitution.

there are many kinds of situation, this may be a lamp bead to life, it is possible that impact current is too large, was burned out. It is also possible that the driver in front of the fault. Or to repair out repair, don't repair, to avoid electric shock. Change the good quality of little value.

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