LED lights flashing

by:Sehon     2020-10-22

now many families will use LED lights, because the LED is very energy conservation and environmental protection. And many people will find that some LED lights after closed will present the flash problem, how many causes are not understand, why always shine LED lights at home? How to solve? Below small make up together and to learn.

a, why always shine Led lights

home Led lights after closed, if still shining present problems, there are many reasons, we need a a screening, find out why before they can suit the remedy to the case.

1, may be a wiring problem. At the time of connection, the normal condition, the front should pick up on the switch, and a lot of people will put forward directly to the light, and zero line should be directly after the lights, but wrong, will lead to flash problem.

2, may be a problem of the switch. Some people buy switch, its electrical conductivity may insulation is not particularly good. After closed, wire inside still have electricity, actually this kind of condition, turned off the lights will flash problem.

3, the problem of wire. If we use wire and power do not match, more than the load current, perhaps wire presented aging, causing it to insulation owe good, this time with voltage wires above will be. Even after turn off the lights, will present the status of the flash.

4, some people choose the switch with indicator light, under the condition of closed, actually also is in a state of connected, problems will occur, gleaming.

2, solution

for different reasons, the solution is also different.

1, if is a problem of wiring, the zero line and the front to meet demand, test pencil can be used to test, if one of them can be bright, it backwards, to replace directly.

2, if be the problem of switch, replace a new switch directly. Seek advice to the store to buy, staff, should choose what kind of switch, can prevent glare.

3, if is a problem of the wire, to check whether the wire damaged, to replace the house all the wires, can also prevent the rendering, and can maintain our electricity safety.

4, if you choose the LED switch with indicator light, the light directly to come down.

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