LED lights - Incandescent lamps energy-saving lamps LED lights which is more economical

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

the emergence of the electric light

changed people sunrise, whether lifestyle

no longer dark night, life becomes colorful

lighting technology and the development of high efficiency, high quality lighting equipment

the lighting requirements

has gradually toward the delicate, exquisite province can effect

all kinds of lights & other; Light & throughout; Our work and life

you know? Under the same brightness, LED etc. The most save electricity:

3 w incandescent light bulbs, LED energy-saving lamps 40 w = = 5 w


1. Working principle: incandescent lamps also known as tungsten lamp. Is the filament electric heated to incandescence state, with visible light from a thermal electric light source.

2。 Advantage: the incandescent lamp is the most close to the sun, good color rendering, color rendering index from 99 to 100 and the price is cheap.

3。 Weakness: the incandescent lamp has 95% of the electricity consumed in the heating, only 5% of the energy is converted into real we can see the light, and usually no more than 1000 hours service life. High luminous efficiency is low, the heating temperature, thermal evaporation fast, short service life.

energy-saving lamps

1. Working principle: the energy-saving lamp is a compact, built-in ballast of fluorescent lamp. Energy-saving lamps lighting the first through the electronic ballast for lamp filament heating, mercury atomic ionization produced after absorbing energy transition.

2。 Advantage: the energy-saving lamp of photosynthetic efficiency in power consumption under the condition of the same general is 5 - ordinary incandescent lamp 6 times, light efficiency is very high, volume is small, live longer than incandescent bulbs. No incandescent light flashes, good eye protection.

3。 Disadvantages: low color rendering index, seeing serious color change; Fragile, energy-saving lamp tube if accidentally break, mercury volatilize does great harm to human body has a lot of; Energy-saving lamps using instantaneous high pressure generated in the ballast, will produce certain electromagnetic radiation.

LED lights

1. How it works: LED light-emitting diode, is a kind of to electric energy into visible light solid state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light.

2。 Advantages: high luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, in theory, a long service life, light up to 100000 hours, in fact life is 30000 - 50000 hours. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation; Contains no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.

3。 Faults: LED filament bulb light is too bright, can strongly stimulate an eye, do not look, even if a short period of time, while the common energy-saving lamps are relatively soft. Illuminate Angle has a limit, normally only illuminate 120 & deg; 。 Nodule


cheap color is good, but life is short, and compared with the energy-saving lamp wattage, power consumption is bigger.

energy-saving lamps

is small in size but can produce mercury pollution, stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation.

LED lights

energy saving, environmental protection, health, obvious advantage.

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