LED lights - Led lamp bubble is how to choose

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

a, look at the overall & other; The power factor of lamps and lanterns & throughout; : low power factor, the use of drive power supply, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of lamps and lanterns, low power factor, again use the lamps and lanterns of good lights, life is not long.

2, watch & other; Lamps and lanterns of the cooling conditions Material, structure & throughout; : LED lamps and lanterns of heat dissipation is also important, with the same power factor of lamps and lanterns and the quality of lamp bead, if the cooling condition is bad, lamp bead work under high temperature, the light failure will be very big, lamps and lanterns of life will be reduced.

three, & other; Lamp bead quality & throughout; : lamp bead quality depends on the chip quality and packaging technology.

4, lamps and lanterns use drive power supply, the service life of power relative to other parts of the lamps and lanterns, shorter life a lot, the service life of power affect the whole life of lamps and lanterns, lamp bead in 5 - the theory of life 100000, and the life of the power supply in 0. 2 - 30000, the design of power supply and the service life of material choice decision power.

5, see light efficiency: the same lights, power, light efficiency is higher, the higher brightness, the same lighting brightness, power consumption is smaller, more energy saving.

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