LED lights lit heats up in the future

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

LED filament bulb lit heats up in the future? This is the will, if unable to deal with good heat dissipation, the causes leading to the LED light failure to reduce service life.

leds generate heat source has two parts:

1. LED chip

the LED chip to the luminous power only a small part of the chip power input. Left most of the electric power will be converted to heat energy.

2。 The LED driver circuit

driver circuit is converting ac mains to the LED chip applicable or current-limiting dc power supply with constant current. Drive circuit more electronic components, these components work consumes electricity. The consumption of the electric power will eventually translate into heat energy. When used in small power LED, due to dispersion of chip driver circuit USES the RC step-down, overall fever is not serious. And high power LED chip through current is larger, combined with the drive circuit components, the heat generated by the overall considerable. Must have good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation system to ensure that the service life of LED lights, slow down the light failure.

LED lifespan depends on driving power and cooling schemes, the LED light source is the electric energy into light energy, directly to the node temperature, that is at the bottom of the chip to LED would be about 10 degrees between the temperature, LED the whole light heating temperature of the heat dissipation aluminum parts is about 60 degrees, more than 60 degrees can be understood as not qualified.

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