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by:Sehon     2020-10-15

bulb should be the most commonly used is led energy saving bulbs and energy-saving lamps, two kinds of light bulbs performance is very near, so much so that some users clearly points not clear, and some users will take puzzled asked led energy saving light bulb know save electricity, energy-saving lamps will know can save energy, then with small make up to understand.

led energy saving bulbs save electricity?

1. Here to give us a special emphasis on the first, led energy saving light bulb can save electricity, and more power saving than energy saving bulb, because the led energy saving bulbs and energy-saving lamps shone principle is different, their power is also different, need to save electricity is not exactly the same. Energy-saving lamps because of the brand is different, its quality and power are also different.

2。 And led energy saving lamp shining power is far higher than that of energy-saving lamps, the brightness of the 1 wled energy saving bulbs, it is necessary to at least about 2 w energy-saving lamps to reach about brightness, and feel the brightness of the people can also be badly affected due to some factors, and these factors will make its brightness. Cold light source, led energy saving lamp and energy-saving lamp brightness can produce heat, the heat more than led energy saving light bulb, the power loss of a reason is progress.

3。 Led energy saving light bulbs are far more expensive than energy-saving lamps, so some users understand the first time the led energy saving light bulb more save electricity, will be free to choose with energy-saving lamps, saving due to purchase energy-saving lamps can be used as make up for that part of the spending more money when buying a lamp. Use what kind of lamps and lanterns to see users their own market demand.

led with energy-saving lamps have what different

1. Led energy saving lamp

led energy saving light bulb is using light-emitting diodes as the light bulb, light efficiency is very high, is currently on the market more fresh, is also often display some lantern show of lamps and lanterns. It has the characteristics of energy saving, electricity consumption is generally 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter. And use life is short, illuminates the time demand reached more than 100000 hours, the average household lights is & other; Total & throughout; 。 But the price is more expensive, power low power leds.

2。 Energy-saving lamps

more energy saving than ordinary incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps of its compact structure, small size, shining power demand reach 60 lm/w, and than incandescent bulbs, save electricity demand by more than 80%. Use short service life, 6 ~ 10 times that of general incandescent bulbs. Because it is the glass, so conducive to install and transport, more easily damaged.

summary: is more than the type on the market of lamps and lanterns, modelling is protean, using led energy saving bulbs and energy-saving lamps is still have essential differences, through the article believe that we had about led energy saving light bulbs and energy-saving lamps must be understood.

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