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by:Sehon     2020-10-26

LED lights & ndash; — Bulb heat treatment method:

deals with the heat dissipation of LED lights, from two aspects, the first package before and after the packaging, can be understood as the LED chip cooling heat dissipation and LED bulb. LED chip cooling first related to the choice of substrate and circuit and skills for this article said. This article first introduces the LED bulb heat dissipation, because made any LED lamps and lanterns, so the heat attack by the LED chip, after all, always through the shell of lamps and lanterns are scattered into the air. Assuming that owe good heat dissipation, because the LED chip thermal capacity is small, a little heat WenMinJie improve piled up will make the chip, the hypothesis assignments in the condition of high temperature for a long period of time, life spans would quickly to shorten it. But this heat can really lead chips arrived in outside air through many ways. Specifically, the LED chip attack by the heat, the metal heat block it out, first through the PCB solder to the aluminum substrate, again through the heat conduction glue to the aluminum radiator. So actually LED hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation includes heat conduction and thermal two some.

but LED lamp shell heat according to the size and power use, also can have different choices. Now first have the following several kinds of cooling way:

1) aluminum radiator fins: this is the most common measures for the cooling of use aluminum radiator fins as a some to increase the cooling area of the shell.

(2) thermal conductive plastic case: when plastic shell injection molding filling thermal conductive materials and thermal conductivity, heat dissipation can increase plastic shells.

3. Air cooling fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics using air lamp shell shape, create convection air, this is the minimum capital strengthen the cooling way.

(4) fan lamp shell internal reinforced with long life high efficiency fan cooling: low cost, good effect. Electric fan is trouble some, but want to change also does not apply to the field, this plan is relatively rare.

5. Heat pipe radiator skills: heat pipe using heat conduction ability, heat conductivity by LED chips to shell the cooling fins. In the large lamps and lanterns, such as street lamps this is see more of the planning.

6 surface radiation heat treatment of lamp shell surface radiation heat treatment: brief is daub radiation coating, can use heat radiation way out of the lamp shell surface.

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