- LED lights manufacturer LED lights how heat can play a greater luminous efficiency

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

is short for light-emitting diode, LED is a semiconductor device converts electrical energy to light. The essence of the LED is a semiconductor wafer, under the effect of electric current of electron transfer into photon process, and then emit light.

the strengths of the LED lamp is high efficiency and energy saving, 1/10 of the electricity needed as long as the same wattage incandescent lamp. The use of long life spans, can be up to 50000 hours. In addition to safety, green, brightness higher advantage, since rendering is very popular, lighting market rapidly occupation.

leds has so many advantages, by widespread use, is also more and more low price. Then the LED is perfect to perfect it, the answer is no. Let's say the front, the essence of the LED is a semiconductor chip, chip of semiconductor also is we often say. Computer CPU, GPU are semiconductors, they have a common characteristic is easy to fever.

this useful and fast to the LED heat dissipation is particularly important. Take computer CPU heat sink, for instance, when the temperature is too high, can can present caton, rising will start temperature protection, restart the computer, affects both office power, also full of the CPU. And heat dissipation good computer can work smoothly running, power ascending simultaneously. By the same token, the leds will eventually affect the heat emitting power, this is going to want to method to eliminate the influence of heat.

now small LED lights to choose heat sink to cool naturally to reach the purpose of cooling, some large LED will choose to heat dissipation fin and air cooling combination.

these cooling methods, capital strength is low, simple and convenient use, appropriate batch use. But defect is clear, exposed to the external radiator for a long time, easy to accumulate dust, over time the cooling effect, affecting the luminous power and stature. Large LED device, in particular, is particularly prominent, but now have a better solution. It is introduced the water cycle cooling system.

the use of water cooling is more suitable large LED devices, LED lights usually gathered in a floor, through the base plate and fin contact heat transfer, heat dissipation. Water-cooled heat dissipation principle is to put the endothermic cold head device and the cooling plate joint, abundant absorption of heat, then pushed by pump the liquid flows through the cold head heat can be taken away, and delivered to heat cold by the electric fan blow away the heat, go back to the water pump, the cycle to complete cooling. Are the benefits of water cooling, heat dissipation power is high, the heat capacity of the water of great high quantity of heat to absorb and process operation and more quiet, clean, and then make the LED luminance to add equipment, full extension. Although water cooling capital slightly tall, but long time use effect is good, completely can make up for the capital.

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