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by:Sehon     2020-10-11

LED lights have very important significance to our days, perhaps most people are not very understanding, whether to how to choose, also do not know LED lights three principle and Ed lights change order what are the features. If has this aspect worry, of course, many under the care of introduction, understand the various characteristics of LED lights, including environmental protection function and the level of skills, etc. , on the basis of the requirements of the household life to consider different brands.

leds principle of three gears to change the order?

three file to change the order of LED lights do not need remote control, increasingly short circuit, circuit can save the use of capital.

three sections of the dimming control principle.

PT6988 provide three sections of ON/OFF the dimming function. The ON/OFF switch that move light, using the traditional ON/OFF switch, without other dimmer, brief application circuit, reliable, greatly save the capital, reduced the volume.

PT6988 through VIN to detect system power ON/OFF switch condition, VDD for internal latch to keep power. System of electricity at the time, ) , VIN by charging power supply resistance, VDD followed VIN rose; VIN rose and greater than 14 v, PT6988 beginning unlock operation, LED output current (extra Additional brightness) 。 When the disconnect system power supply ( 关闭) , VIN below 9 v, when power supply drop PT6988 lock output, and the feed to detect the VIN to internal latch that move light;

VDD external capacitance, as the power of the internal latch, to power a internal latch. When the second to the system on the electric PT6988 increases power MOS turn-off time, make the system work in DCM; PT6988 set the second paragraph of the LED output current for 50% of the additional current. When the system again to disconnect system power supply, and electricity, on the third PT6988 together to adjust power MOS turn-off time and internal reference voltage, make the third paragraph of the LED output current for additional current 10%. When the system ON/OFF switch is carried out again, PT6988 back to the top of the section, start the next move light cycle.

what are the characteristics of led lights?

1, the new type of green environmental protection light source: LED cold light source use, small glare, no radiation, the use of harmful substances. Low voltage LED homework and choose dc driven approach, ultra-low power consumption ( Single pipe 0. 03 ~ 0. 06 w) , electric power conversion approached 100%, under the same lighting effect than the traditional light source, energy saving more than 80%. LED the environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, and waste recycling, no pollution, no mercury elements, can safely contact, due to the typical green lighting source.

2, long service life: LED solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, shock resistant, no loose parts in the body, there is no filament light easy to burn and thermal deposition, droop, using life of up to 60000 ~ 100000 hours, is a traditional light source using life of more than 10 times. The LED function stability, can be in - 30~+50° C environment under normal operation.

3, more than a change in: LED light source available red, green, blue three colors principle, under the computer skills to manipulate the three color with gray level 256 and arbitrary mixed, can happen 256 x256x256 ( That is, 16777216) Kinds of colour, form different color combinations. Combination of LED light color change multiterminal, which can realize the dynamic change of colours and all kinds of pictures.

4, high skills: compared with traditional the lighting effect, LED light source is low pressure microelectronics products, successfully combines computer skills, network communications, picture processing and embedded control skills, etc. In conventional leds chip scale to zero. 25 mmx0。 25 nm, and the scale of the LED lighting is typically in 1. 0 mmx1。 0 mm above. LED bare chip forming operation table

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