LED lights manufacturer on home decoration can use leds

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

on many businesses are now city propaganda LED energy saving province electricity, long using life, shoppers will also introduce LED light source, the home decoration with LED light source?

I am of the view is not good.

LED is more suitable for the commercial, such as shopping malls, warehouses, billboards, etc. , used in home outfit is advantage is not obvious, but more should consider defects.

let's compare LED and fluorescent bulbs. Applying the theory LED light source has the advantage of long service life, than the use of energy-saving lamps can at least 5 ~ 6 times longer life; From the point of the light intensity of the same in saving energy save electricity actually use electricity is similar, maybe a light bulb also could not save a few bucks electricity in a year.

take a look at the LED light source of the defects. The quality of the cheap LED is ( Such as osram is very expensive) , poor color and looked at under light color distortion; Stroboscopic, dazzle light, the human eye is LED light, LED lighting conditions will sad eyes again for a long time, eye fatigue; Most cold white light LED color temperature is higher, there are blue eyes ( Of course not long direct problem is not too big) ; There is the quality of the LED light source is really quite expensive.

so, my personal advice is a top lighting or sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, etc is given priority to with fluorescent bulbs, partial decoration lighting can use LED light source. Other, reading with a LED desk lamp, don't choose, although the many so-called deploying the desk lamp that shield an eye is LED light source, if to choose not to buy it so cheap. Reading lamp can choose tungsten halogen light source or tricolor fluorescent energy-saving lamps, color temperature - 4000 It is advisable to 5000 k, no stroboscopic.

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