LED lights store appearance is a sign that the popularization of LED lamps and lanterns

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

due to the government and the country's strong support, a good prospect in LED industry. Many small businesses, small workshops have flocked into this LED by extreme tide. This makes chaos LED industry, product quality and price is uneven.

big enterprise how to better development in this price? Spell the price is absolutely not, only do quality, brand, is a long-term solution. So do the brand, the LED store is a necessary stage. Let's look at the national enterprise in this respect. In north China

Beijing application lighting market has huge potential. With energy conservation and environmental protection concept takes root in consumers' mind, LED in Beijing each big market boom. There are about 50 do LED businesses in Beijing, with stores in the form of a five. LED market for Beijing Olympic economy, driven by rapid expansion to the street light, display, lighting applications, such as Beijing, LED the market potential is tremendous, can achieve 300 million yuan a year.

linyi business exponentially. The merchants of lamps and lanterns of linyi city is engaged in the LED business now are more than 80, including operating LED lights cup and merchants about 20 buried lights, adjusting cargo sales of nearly 50, business and really have authority on the market only 30 or so. Since the lamps and lanterns of linyi city relocation after practice, market image class have over, LED stores reached 12, three times more than before. The largest number of the whole market sales, cheap products, mainly because the price is lower, PiFaLiang.

in east China

nanjing LED lighting engineering prospect is good. The nanjing business LED dealers only more than 20 families. Nanjing is primarily a local brand occupy the market, large engineering is generally enterprise contract, this is also a lot of businesses give up business LED lighting one of the main reasons. Merchants tended to favor the LED products market prospect and now want to early to a piece of cake. LED products are mainly used places there are bars, hotels, office buildings, leisure square, park, urban districts, and home lighting engineering. LED products in the market price is more transparent main LED lights belt, LED guardrail lamps, LED lamp cup, etc. , these products prices have declined compared with the price of a few years ago, but the larger sales.

hefei market lack of brand awareness. The lamps and lanterns of hefei now dealers has more than 400 households, including many merchants will retail at some LED lights and other products, and professional do LED lighting. Do better business for more than 10. Currently in hefei government is more to designs city-lighting project bidding, especially some road and bridge engineering, LED has a good prospect. It is worth mentioning that good brand in hefei market is bad to do, because many projects are not specific to the brand, the cheaper the better do some, mainly because of high cost performance.

the nanchang consumer strength. The nanchang market currently operating LED running only seven; Some mainly engineering businesses there is a wall displaying in the store LED products; With a lamp with a small panel about hundreds of businesses, according to the businessman, small panel generally provided by the manufacturer support. LED development is a big trend, the market is relatively large cities in jiangxi province is very weak, consumption level is also one of the main factors which restrict the development of the LED.

hangzhou many brands and businesses. Hangzhou are the market of lamps and lanterns of LED store five, mainly concentrated in hangzhou market of lamps and lanterns. In LED lighting products more than 120 businesses, are operated in lamp, guardrail tube and small lamp cup is given priority to, but at present most of the smaller, and no brand display. In the LED brand, guangdong half brand occupy the local market. In recent years, LED to the civil lighting industry development trend, but most families still used for adornment is given priority to, this does not hinder the increase of the overall market share, many brands and businesses into is the best witness. Mainly on sales channels in the majority with engineering, wholesale, and start from passive to active, especially the performance in the field of engineering, some take the door to undertake directly or through engineering company import, some stores began to pay attention to the situation.

performance across the country have a gap, but this is compared to a few years ago 1 don't ugly, is LED stores more and more, in the first two years of LED products only in the most traditional consignment in the pavement of lamps and lanterns, LED products now finally have their own stores, surveying of land science and technology believe that when the LED lighting products are more and more people are familiar with, LED store more and more, then it will be time for LED lighting to replace traditional lighting.

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