LED lights to replace traditional lamps and lanterns is play a important role in environmental protection

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

LED bulbs out already has a period of time, to protect the environment of escalating big wave, LED lamps and lanterns serves as a leading role, so compared with other lamps and lanterns, LED energy-saving lamps have what different place?

the department of energy (doe), according to a recent report of LED lighting's significance, and Bai Zhi than bulb, influence on environment is low and slight super fluorescent lamps ( CFLs) 。 ” The manufacture of the LED and utility & throughout; This report mainly in comparing the three different light bulb life cycle, including production, operation and eliminated. This report for the LED bulbs to do comprehensive research and analysis of the three different kinds of light bulb production, assembly, transport, and eliminating effects on energy and the environment. This is the first report publicly discuss LED production process, support the doe to protect the public's air and water, to improve the competitive power of the American clean energy and help family and general companies save the cost of energy bills.

this is a department of energy's second big report, evaluation compared with the traditional light bulb, LED bulb life cycle cost of environment and resources. This report used on a report that is published in February 2012, continue to make more detailed evaluation, comparing three different lighting source widespread impact on the environment.

report pointed out that the traditional fluorescent lamp ( CFLs) And LED lamp is very similar in terms of energy consumption, the consumption of energy is less than Bai Zhi bulb, and compared with manufacturing and transportation, run time consumes most of the life cycle energy. Consume 12 because of the high efficiency running. 5 watts of power and can achieve and CFLs ( 15 watt) And Bai Zhi light bulb ( 60 watts) The same effect. Report test has 14 15 shows the LED bulbs are the three most friendly to the environment of lighting lamps and lanterns.

in addition to discard positively, all aspects of the test showed that compared with LED bulbs, CFLs environmental impact is bigger. LED the inside of the aluminum alloy material after precipitation on the landfill can cause great harm. DOE the report pointed out that in the next five years, based on the short-term improvement technology, the LED's impact on the environment will be smaller than today's influence. When the market orientation in order to save money for customers and companies, from Bai Zhi bulb to use lighting to save energy, LED lights and CFLs's impact on the environment, we expect to reduce today's 3 to 10 times as much.

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