LED lights - Traditional light bulb lights and LED lights with distinction

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

light belt is a is composed of multiple lamp bead, commonly used in family, bar, KTV, parks and other places of some decorative strip used in the form of a luminous series lamp. As applied to the early time of the lamp bead is bulb type, it is by a certain number of low pressure small incandescent bulbs in series, using the 220 v voltage, the lamp tape for material reasons, is never used.

as scientific and technological progress of the LED lamp belt is made by semiconductor light-emitting diodes (leds) and small power after the series resistor, then base by sealing strip made of plastic belt in manufacturing. Along with the advance of skills in recent years LED, LED lamp belt also has been rapid development, the different shape, different color, different power of the lamp is suitable for various occasions, whether it's family decoration is still places of entertainment, indoor or outdoor decoration, are simply cannot leave it.

1, in terms of power, the light bulb lamp belt with communication is 220 v voltage or voltage direct current (dc). Is also said that this light strip can be directly connected to the everyday use of current, because it is actually a lighting circuit itself, just above the line has many small bulb. And LED lamp with power supply is general once-through voltage, although with communication electricity will be bright. But the LED is a one-way conductive, using electric communication prone to flicker, general LED lamp belt can choose so dc voltage.

2, LED lamp with light color according to the LED lamp belt within their own luminescence spectrum characteristics of semiconductor material to decide. Products in both the brief monochromatic type lamp tape, there are side by side LED compound types. Light color has red, yellow, green, blue, white five kinds. And bring can send white bulb lights, two kinds of colour, and colour is not very pure, to complete its colorful lights only apply if the color of light bulbs to change its color. This effect is a far cry from the leds with the color of the light.

3, energy efficient LED lights belt is very save electricity, the light bulb with general about ten times than LED lights with high energy consumption, so the distance is still a lot of, and will produce more heat than the LED bulb, which is why the LED is a key factors to gradually replace the traditional light bulbs.

4, full of terms. LED lights, with obviously was to compare the use of fever after all LED is small, and there is no traditional lamp with a filament, not easy to burn out, packing also is very tight, so it is very good to protect the lamp bead will not damaged by outside force, and the LED light with the biggest advantage is it a light bead is not bright, also won't affect other chy-tech shine. This makes it to drive a variety of occasions. And light bulb is not so fine workmanship, it itself is calorific value is bigger than LED lights belt, overheating bulbs burn out not bright odds is very big also, especially in outdoor use, will greatly reduce its full sun.

5, the bulb lights, LED lights, found in the actual repair large bulb lamp with fault rate, short stature. And compare the LED lamp belt use. The trouble is much lower. LED headlamp unit is generally rarely appear problem, even if the present problem is also very good processing, the light bulb with the trouble rate is high, and the light bulb itself is very weak, suffered force blow, the light bulb will be broken off, this is more trouble.

6, thus, LED the trend of the series of products to replace traditional lighting is not blocked, at low cost, low price, using the full length, convenient repair, before the premise of device briefly, how can people won't go to choose LED products? And skill is becoming more and more sophisticated applications of LED category is becoming more and more widely, not only home decoration use, and also applied to automobile headlight, stage lighting, and other categories. LED the development of future will be more and more big, the kinds of LED products will be more and more, more and more into people's lives.

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