LED outdoor lighting will become one of the city bright eye view wisdom

by:Sehon     2020-10-01

to follow the progress of the outdoor lighting skills power and reduced capital, enterprise and government investment to upgrade to decline in operating capital and cut carbon emissions. Now many outdoor system depends on the fundamental control, such as dimming and active closed at night. Using LED skills can decrease capital, progress and quality of power.

of street lights from the traditional to the transformation of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, is to many cities in the development of intelligent active practice direction. LED lighting lamps and lanterns than traditional street lamps will save 20 & ndash; 30% of energy consumption, with less capital to repair and replacement, and to share more intelligent interconnection network, become a bright scenery in the city wit & ndash; — By 2026, the LED street light penetration will reach 89% in the world!

recently outdoor lighting skills to improve the LED lighting lamps and lighting control market rapid growth, even though most of the outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is low power, skill, but in the next 10 years, LED lamps and lanterns will soon be a thing of the wild lighting skills of leadership.

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