LED popularization need government guidance

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

China economic herald reporter Yang Hong reported on April 25th morning, & other; The 2013 China ( Beijing) International lighting fair and LED lighting technology and application exhibition & throughout; China international exhibition center in Beijing. The exhibition gathers 225 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, the exhibition scale area of 30000 square meters, the exhibition audience and partners will break through the 2. 50000. It is reported, 2013 Beijing lighting fair AD hoc & other; Contract energy management zone & throughout; , energy conservation service industry committee by the China energy conservation association ( EMCA) Group member companies, introduce and demonstrate & other; Throughout the contract energy management &; How to boost green lighting, and promote the market-oriented energy-saving mechanism, cultivating and leading the development of the national energy conservation service industry. Said at the opening ceremony, Chinese lighting academy director Xu Huai & other; LED lighting products price is declining, but compared with the traditional lighting products, prices are still on the high side. Government procurement can often be a certain size, has a positive influence on the promotion and popularization of LED. ” Xu Huai said at the same time, the development of LED lighting products should be in accordance with the law of market and other government can only guide role. Leds at present is mainly commercial lighting, gradually will be flying off the shelves. Although vary in the LED lighting products, LED lighting can be combined with energy saving control, more green, safety, comfort and environmental protection.

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