LED: prepare for industry mergers and acquisitions

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

LED has long been regarded as promising & other; The second photovoltaic & throughout; Industry. Yet in nearly two years of development, the excess capacity, lack of core competitiveness.

the national semiconductor lighting industry engineering research and development and industry alliance ( CSA) Deputy secretary-general RuanJun has admitted that with constant breakthroughs and LED related technology maturity, technical performance, especially to promote the efficiency of light is no longer the biggest obstacle to LED lighting applications and demands, & other; How to meet the demand of market innovation, establishing effective market circulation system, to build industry well-known brands, establish the confidence of consumers are LED business development and market application to further advance the most critical factors & throughout; 。

he suggested that, from the development of LED lighting industry trends, to build a platform of communication, coordination, integration and a comprehensive service mode and carrier.

in fact, the personage inside course of study introduces, spent 2012 years after the downturn, LED the upstream chip prices fell sharply. While in 2013, LED products falling prices, some LED lighting products have been close to the price of CFL, which preliminary has the advantages of substitution, it objectively and boost the market demand.

related to the enterprises in communicating and international financial newspaper reporters said, as things stand, their performance is better than 2012, but still expect the government to give more subsidies this emerging industry. And view, the current LED industry of less than 200 billion yuan, more than 5000 enterprises, the concentration is low. In the future, for the upcoming industry merger and reorganization & other; Prepare & throughout; 。

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