LED products are environmental protection also cannot ignore the recycling problem

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

countries promote & other; Green lighting & throughout; Engineering, China's first batch of listed in subsidies for hundreds of millions of old only energy-saving lamps is entering invalid period, have gathered and consumption will surpass 1 billion each year in the future. Old energy-saving lamps due to contain mercury, lead and other poisonous and harmful elements, professor called is second to the waste battery waste & other; Mercury pollution & throughout; , in contrast, recycling and disposal system of energy-saving lamps in China are very & other; Naive & throughout; , such as the disposal of the wrong, dangerous pollution nots allow to ignore.

on the other hand, following the rapid development of economy and our country in recent years electronic discards the speed was amazing. According to a 2010 statement issued by the United Nations environment programme (unep), our country has become the second largest international electronic waste producer, beyond annually produces 2. 3 million tons of electronic waste, second only to America's 3 million tons; To 2020, the old computer will be more than doubled to 2007 quadrupled, abandon the mobile phone will be increased by seven times. Electronic discards in the process of recycling and comprehensive utilization, exist in different degree of environmental pollution and harm to human body health, to cause attention.

on the other hand, LED more and more widely used category, containing: television screens, laboratory equipment, mobile phones, watches, computers, home lighting, retailers electric lighting, traffic signs and the car brake light. These are the parts using the LED, LED continue to replace tungsten, there will be more LED lights use in usual livelihoods. LED filament bulb use less power, and the intensity of illumination is stronger. In addition, the LED light bulb is not like mercury (CFL bulb Mercury is harmful to the environment) 。 Leds can also be more than the traditional light bulb under wear. Together will not be affected by the climate of the lighting, moisture or low temperature will not affect the operation of the LED lighting. Carbon dioxide emissions from LED lights, as long as 10% of the traditional light bulbs. Guangdong Mr Its science and technology co. , LTD. , head of the association show that LED itself to environmental protection, of course, but if the right recycling, impact on the environment will be smaller.

at the university of California research statement pointed out that most of the LED lights are rich in high proportion of nickel, colorful LED lights is rich in many of the lead. In addition, the arsenic content also to exceed bid. These substances harmful to the environment not only, also can affect human health. LED than traditional light environmental protection, of course, but does not like incandescent bulbs out or lost, LED by the influence of the composition is a long period of time. In view of the need in LED lights is growing over the years, recycling use of LED is more important than extension LED life spans.

in the social from all walks of life pay more attention to void formation pollution, energy-saving lamps as LED professional talent, guangdong Mr Its science and technology co. , LTD. Foreign claims that the sun brand LED lights in affordable brand, has now completed the product industrial design modular and plug type components without welding, product can used up in the future according to the component recycling in the future, can complete resource regeneration, become a real environmental protection, renewable products. Guangdong Mr Its science and technology co. , LTD. , head of the association show that when the

LED lighting has been widely used in all kinds of lighting, and gradually replace the traditional incandescent bulbs. “ In the product life cycle, LED has always all very environmental protection, but if can be recycled, it would be more environmentally friendly.

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