LED products sales increased nearly seven times in 6 years

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

' In 2014, LED the market, especially the commercial lighting market will be welcomed. ” On February 25th afternoon, ningbo lighting electrical appliance industry association secretary-general Wang Linkang open at the sight of journalists' said.

according to the association statistics show that by the end of last year, our city is engaged in LED lighting products production enterprises have reached a record 1115. In 2013, the city of lamps and lanterns industry sales of about 45 billion yuan, which for the first time more than traditional lamps and lanterns, LED products sales of about 23 billion yuan, from 2008, 3 billion yuan of sales has risen almost seven times, the traditional enterprise transformation of lamps and lanterns has paid off. In 2014, zhuhai total sales LED lighting products is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan.

industry developing rapidly, for the first time in 2012, 1000

& other; Ningbo is one of the traditional lamps and lanterns of the township, a good industrial foundation, especially outdoor lamp sales has always been very good traditional lamps and lanterns, many enterprises production of LED lights are not very seriously. ” Ningbo lighting industry association secretary-general Wang Linkang told reporters that in 2008 the city's only 40 LED lighting companies, sales of less than 3 billion yuan, little share in the industry of lamps and lanterns, by 2010, the city is less than 200 LED lighting enterprises.

however, 2011 energy-saving lamps need to use the phosphor upstream raw material prices soaring, from the most high in early 250 yuan/kg to 3000 yuan/kg, zhuhai numerous energy-saving lamp enterprises was beaten off guard. , by contrast, producing a grain of the LED chip to use rare earth only to MCG calculation, less than one over one thousand of the energy-saving lamps need rare earth. In addition, the LED long service life, more energy efficient, and no stroboscopic light, have the effect that shield an eye. Ningbo midland electronics manufacturing co. , LTD. , head of Tang Haisheng tells a reporter, & other; When we realized that the development of science and technology content is higher, greener and more promising new energy-saving LED products, is the right thing to do. ” 2011, midland electronics into the LED industry, 3 years later, the enterprise has been from the national high-tech zone lingyun industry area of 1750 square meters workshop moved to jiangbei kechuang center of nearly 6000 square meters workshop.

at the same time, the city LED lighting enterprise is developing rapidly, the total number of 2012 broke through 1000, sales reached 15 billion yuan.

technology promote the upgrade, enterprises continue to develop new window

at the beginning of this year, lamps and lanterns of yuyao yao hua co. , LTD is a special guest. Originally the former ambassador to China Gary Locke's nephew to whom the order products, and he had been a business cooperation with Shanghai minhang, this time is to come. Yao hua lamps and lanterns of relevant personage tells a reporter, because enterprise continuously upgrade technology, innovative products, production of LED lights in Europe, the United States market popular approval, just had such & other; Unexpected & throughout; The opportunity.

2012, as the city one of the first companies to enter the LED industry, self electronic became rich mainland China following the general industry giant in the world, such as osram, philips, after the fourth American UL CTDP laboratory qualification awarded lab, this means that the enterprise product never leave home, your lab report will be issued by the United States UL certification in the lab.

Wang Linkang tells a reporter, the zhuhai LED products mainly export trade, the quality is quite good, but it all depends on innovation and technology upgrading of the enterprise.

  “ Because LED the upstream raw material prices are greatly reduced, energy-saving lamps and LED lights price difference is shrinking, and consumer acceptance is higher and higher. ” Wang Linkang, plus the United States in 2014 to ban incandescent comprehensively, our country will be comprehensive ban in 2016, household lighting market is comprehensive in outbreak period. But in the future, each LED homogeneous competition between enterprises will be more and more fierce, Wang Linkang said that zhuhai's LED lighting companies to find new development, must constantly break through the technological frontier.

Wang Linkang said the industry cutting-edge technology breakthrough is worth attention and reference. A few days ago, a firm based in zhuhai, the anonymity of the LED lighting enterprise has developed a hand-held LED disinfection equipment. Enterprise related sources, at present are trying to use this technology to the company boxes of milk sterilized milk production line, once the trial is successful, good market prospects. In addition, there are many LED lighting companies to research & other Light art & throughout; , make full use of the advantage of leds can change color, engaged in the research and development of landscape lighting and building lighting.

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