LED project-light lamp bad point out how to do

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

LED project-light lamp bad point out how to do? LED project-light lamp, also known as the LED floodlight, spotlight, projection lamp, lamp and so on, mainly used for building decoration lighting, lighting, and commercial space, decorate sexual composition, the shape of round and square, because want to consider the different reasons of heat dissipation and the use of the environment, and other appearance LED project-light lamp only there are some differences on appearance, actually principle are the same.

want to know the LED project-light lamp is broken, the first thing to understand project-light lamp of the base structure ( The diagram below) In a square as an example, here.

the above said, because want to consider the different reasons of heat dissipation and the use of the environment, so other project-light lamp only physical appearance, there are some differences, but principles are the same. The main is the LED light source (LED project-light lamp Also known as the LED lamp bead) , LED power supply ( Also known as the LED driver) , shell, waterproof cushion and pouring waterproof glue. LED light source, to drive the quality, do a good waterproof, thick shell satisfaction, to the satisfaction of the light source of heat, power supply, there will be no problem on a light background. So, if the LED project-light lamp is broken, presented some not bright, a flash, have a night light, dim? You will be informed today's repair and replacement.

LED project-light lamp is broken, mainly light source and driver, the most main is to use the light source, power all owe good to easy problems. By check, you will know the bad things, LED project-light lamp is not bright lights, the reasons are:

1. Power supply is broken, no electricity: bad foundation of lamps and lanterns is the power and voltage to supply the light source with constant current power supply, often many project-light lamp bad is bad in the power supply. Power supply problems present in the process of the alternating current into direct current, are probably lead to LED project-light lamp is not bright flash, this generally can't repair, as long as the switch power supply; Another reason is that the power supply is good, is just beginning project-light lamp can light for a while and then start flashing, this basically is heat lamp bead send not go out, cause always flash, the core problem is to shell not scatter light source lamp beads, it is a check to see if the shell to 50 g/w specification, other outstanding check to see if the light source and the shell cohesion, whether thermal conductive paste evenly coated. If the power supply is broken, change a power supply to try, to see if the lamp was not lit. If not bright, so the question is not necessarily in power supply. Another reason is that in some parts of winter summer temperature change is big, lead to the power working temperature too high or too low, not safe, to be fair this power source are nonconforming. If be the power supply is broken, change a bit better, a power tube two or three years, the quality is not.

2。 Light is broken, not bright lights: generally choose is integrated lamp bead project-light lamp, look at the center of the lamp bead sealing rubber bearing have black spots, the spots are two reasons, the first to use for a long time, the lamp bead temperature through high temperature glue and phosphor, and one reason is that the power supply current is too high, the open circuit or necrosis of lamp bead themselves. There is the waterproof wall lamp was not well done, lamp inside water, lead to light bead burned, chip, life is not long, quality is not good. Cast light light source heat owe good will constitute the light source the light failure ( Briefly speaking is not once lit) Severe or burn out. If shell intact, replace the lamp bead was able to use, but you should know the power of the string and, with light string and match.

3。 Wire solder joints virtual welding, resulting in no electricity: project-light lamp inside integrated lamp bead is to answer the two wires, lamp beads are virtual welding, welding, cold welding, power input line if there is a loose connection, open circuit and so on, to check the drive cables have damaged.

it, constitute the LED project-light lamp is not bright, main voltage may be the cause of instability, the quality of lamp bead, the power quality of this a few reasons, due to the LED project-light lamp is constant current drive, conversion after the dc voltage is lower, so it can neglect voltage instability problems, then constitute the LED project-light lamp not bright straight flash lamp bead why two aspects of quality and quality of power supply.

in the end, the LED project-light lamp belong to high power LED products, good quality manufacturers will be through the strict aging test, before they go out on to the customers' hands are good to ensure that product, no manufacturer in electronic products can ensure 100% is not a problem, at present problem should be timely contact factory after after-sales, project-light lamp warranty at least 2 years, if you buy cheap project-light lamp used in half a year, 1 year identified the problem, factory grounds do not often, because of the cheap project-light lamp with bad information, capital crunch, coupled with the high cost of after-sale manufacturer will be at a loss, so, no matter what electronic products, after-sales service is very important, remember!

project-light lamp is broken, can repair?

LED project-light lamp is to be able to fix, but amateurs are beyond repair, claiming the manufacturer specialize in produce LED lights to help repair. General companies are reluctant to repair, of course, due to repair a than to produce a lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns also trouble! Claims usually buy lamp of cent slightly better quality of lamps and lanterns, of course, good quality will also be expensive! Good lamps and lanterns manufacturer warranty to 2 - For three years.

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