LED project-light lamp environmental protection

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

LED lighting, with its long green full of brightness senior advantages became the new s trend of lighting, LED project-light lamp surveying of land efficient heat resistance and reliable safe complete separation, extension of the use of LED lamps and lanterns become old, yea, useful life spans of wu 00000 oblique and greatly reduces the lamps and lanterns of capital operation and maintenance, energy saving more than zero percentage, good heat dissipation performance of environmental protection, protection grade reached Lu Wu, choose special waterproof connectors and silica gel ring sealing process, gratified the use of all kinds of outdoor environment request. Toughened glass panels, high strength and light maintenance, light transmittance of nine percentage points;

field project-light lamp USES high strength alloy frame, selects the high strength alloy material and high-tech paint craft shell never rust, corrosion, never imported high photosynthetic efficiency chip, electric energy into light energy of high efficiency, super thick gold thread, through a large amount of current, higher brightness, the integration of seiko die casting more space aluminum lamp body, a complete treatment of the cooling problem, extending use become old, yea, lamps and lanterns chooses the three core, good insulation, prevent leakage, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, widely used in shopping mall, exhibition hall, parking lot, playground, gym, billboards, park, sculpture, country green lighting project, set up the surface in the public corridor, stairs, corridor and so on room table lighting.

fin type mining lamp can wu condolence two degrees, freezing, lu nine zero, zero zero, a total of five dimension type reflectors, useful utility ratio of light. Using the measures for the installation of tubes of removable transport reflecting cover, suite of small volume, peer under the condition of freight section book above zero percentage, sway the cooling plan plane of diaspora, obviously add the cooling area, in a timely manner will be issued heat in. Are widely used in high tent factory, workshop, warehouse, logistics center, exhibition hall, gymnasium, shipyards, mining, highway toll station, gas station, supermarket, a farmers' market Chu other requirements such as lighting.

choose aviation aluminum lamp shade patch industrial and mining lamp, choose aviation aluminum surface, beautiful and easy never rust dosage enough without a dark space, built-in waterproof barrier drive, import wu the 730 chip, high brightness, vivid color, can use wu wan oblique super short-lived, thick aluminum radiator radiator selects the thick seiko car strong convective turbine plans for genuine materials, good heat dissipation.

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