Led project-light lamp explosion-proof 100 w

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

province LED project-light lamp flameproof electricity very low power consumption, power consumption is 10% of the traditional light source - 20%. Wled lamp illumination brightness is equivalent to 150-20 200 w bulb.

long service life, maintenance free, high safety performance

USES the import high quality LED as light source, LED light source of the life is more than 80000 hours. LED lamp working 24 hours a day, every day do not need to maintain thoroughly solve the hidden trouble in security frequent replacement bulbs, at the same time because of the low operating temperature of the LED light source, make its safety performance is greatly increased.

applicability flameproof LED project-light lamp USES the unique way of power supply, high applicability, the ac 100 v - All works between 265 v, and no brightness changes. Flame-proof sex strong, strong shock vibration, damp and hot sealed performance is good wait for an advantage. The service life of more than five years, in line with the new national standard, power saving, low carbon, environmental protection, compared with incandescent lamp power saving by about 90%, and is often compared to energy-saving light power saving 60%.

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