Led project-light lamp is how to install

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

led project-light lamp is basically some suitable monomer building, or some other historical building facade lighting, however in the practice process of temporary will have more illumination method, and here also have different illumination characteristics of both green in the scene or other advertising lighting, can be better applied to medical or there is a special equipment of lighting of culture, and is in a bar or dance hall entertainment down, also can be applied to more and more light.

led project-light lamp is a specially designed to build a landscape lighting products such as appearance, all is very fine, and go abroad is very uniform, chooses the dispensing process of toughened glass, and even the appearance is smooth, without any screw holes, led project-light lamp manufacturer itself also has a more clean function, and do not accumulate more dust, can guarantee all the objects in unit time is very common, let whole lighting device or maintenance time there is a more simple and convenient, it can meet the demand of special narrow space of the device.

led project-light lamp installation process?

( 1) Led project-light lamp in unit time is bound to make relevant device according to the orientation of the power supply to work before.

( 2) Led project-light lamp together with screws of the device to the whole lamps and lanterns is all fixed.

( 3) Led project-light lamp, the device will all the lamps and lanterns and power supply cord to strong cohesion, all want to use a thread or a waterproof tape to wrap.

( 4) If to device led project-light lamp, is bound to have a look at the branch in the power of the device should have how long this link, and even after 50 meters also is bound to join more the power cord.

( 5) Device led project-light lamp, must be for all lines to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure that the final device is correct, in the led device at will through to control power supply.

led project-light lamp together in the device will have a variety of different devices, but also is a kind of light source, they choose selects high quality or high brightness imported chip, their relatively high brightness, with low energy consumption, and relatively low heat, life for 50000, can be divided into monochrome or lumen colorful color, the external control special multi-function controller, can reach the role of the diversification of the whole water, can also add some other console users, can input more information for programming control.

together, also can choose a variety of oxide coating on aluminum, or the whole mold processing technology to carry on the processing, toughened glass surface to ensure that the final cooling effect.

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