LED project-light lamp is mainly used field

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

because LED cast light lamps and lanterns with energy conservation and environmental protection, the diversity of color change and long use life, about the use of environmental requirements is not high also, both indoor and outdoor may have large public places are applicable, so professional LED project-light lamp in esteem, and by users in all walks of life, but because of the particularity of raw materials and skills, wall lamp now project-light lamp first apply to the following three categories:

1. All kinds of building material lighting

because LED project-light lamp long using life and intelligent control, it can be used in some large building exterior lighting engineering, lighting, also some users to add attractions at night, also can choose this kind of color rich, endowed with artistic lighting lamps. Other about some public landmark building, also can choose LED project-light lamp lights programmes to better highlight the characteristics of the city.

2。 Indoor lighting

LED project-light lamp is very suitable for the lighting and decoration of interior space, because light color is soft, so many users use it for indoor lights in planning, after use LED project-light lamp to make the space look more endowed with enthusiasm and inner tubes and some consider capital of users, in order to useful down lamp replacement rate, also can choose use life longer lighting lamp general lighting.

3。 Commercial lighting

because LED cast light lamps and lanterns has rich dynamic light effect, so in all kinds of stage, ShangYan and places of entertainment are widely used. Because LED project-light lamp can through digital intelligent control the change of color and light brightness, both static lights can perfect appear still is dynamic, can be used for various commercial lights supply excellent lighting effects.

now, the category of popular LED project-light lamp is apart from a few large building, public facilities and family indoor and outside the lamp lighting business category, LED project-light lamp brief for device operation, also can be used in some of the large electronic screen in the category of professional field, the equipment the project-light lamp brightness and color screen resolution can be a good progress. Follow project-light lamp development skills continue to improve, the LED project-light lamp will also more and more widely applicable category.

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