LED project-light lamp security

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

LED project-light lamp safety is guaranteed many residential area landscape lighting will use LED project-light lamp. But there are rumors that LED blue light will be on the retina formation damage, is that true? LED project-light lamp is guaranteed safety installation LED project-light lamp, how security features? Blu-ray hazard refers to the risk when blue light radiation to secondary or tertiary level, in a short period of time or instantaneous formation damage to human eyes. About landscape lighting projection lamp, some blue light more than other blu-ray, some are blue. It depends on the use of light model.

common LED project-light lamp, based on the safety specification of blu-ray, 0 class no risk level and risk of type 1 level products are safe to use. However, if the home with children, it is suggested that completes the maintenance work.

because the baby's more clear than adult lens, lens can filter the blu-ray, chasing the light of the characteristics and the children, their long exposure in a large amount of blue light radiation, this will be for babies and children in the retina light toxicity hazard, and affect their eyesight. Therefore, the LED project-light lamp not adult retina formation damage.

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